Is the GOD OF BLOCKSTUN the best character in the game now?

I swear if this game is about space control,controlling the match, forcing your opponent into situations where they are out of options and flat out rapage…why haven’t we put the crown on the damn bot yet?

People say cable owns him too hard and that storm has NO bad match-ups

for the cable comment: spend just ONE night hanging out with the seattle crew and you’ll see the limitations magically disapear. The match is rough as fuck but it’s creeping closer to 6-4(unless you’re fighting fuckin cable/bh/capcom or something lol) I dunno, the robot has been doing better against him as we master flight mode.

Storm: it would seem to me that sentinel IS her bad match-up, he controls too much of what she’s good at. Running(cross-ups with capcom and fast fly combo’s make this risky business)

Her hailstorm: on the ground sentinel can shut this down pretty well with fp’s, in air, he has unfly. On ground she can duck the s.fp, throw and aaa and typhoon hail though.

Her rushdown: it’s ass on sentinel, the best bet she has is cross-ups with her fierces, and airdash underneath set-ups as he’s coming down from sj. Pretty fucking weak shit if sentinel is dominating her movement.

Storm on cable has even gotten much rougher recently, cable defense and patience throw this fight up in the air if storm doesn’t have the lead.

Magneto’s bad matches: sent/counter assistif mag has the counter assist it’s definetly workable, storm/sent,striderlike this one matters on ec…

Cable’s bad matches: storm with lead, magfight has gotten ALOT more tough with the cable defense virus, another cable with counter assist(bh pops into mind), STRIDERrepeat previous complaint about strider

Sentinel: has trouble with cable

Storm: has trouble with sentinel and increasing difficulty with cable

sure mag/tron can fuck up a sent/capcom but the counter list seems to be getting smaller and smaller as more people get their
pilots certification…

Thoughts on my random blabber?

I agree. Because he can beat mag, storm , and his very own counter character(cable)

I’d say the tie was broken ever since the unblockable was discovered. Either way, I’d say the reason why there was ever a doubt in the first place was that Storm’s worst matches never got as ugly as Sentinel’s worst matches.

But if you look at some early teams, Sent was originally built to fight storm. Team Watts was usually the anti MSP in the old days. BH keeps away old school magneto, safely DHC into Sent, and Storm has almost zero options. She can’t run because of BH and she can’t rushdown because of commando.

Today, Sent/Commando is arguably Storm’s toughest match. Strider and Cyclops also do well against her, but she still has options. Sentinel’s toughest matches are Cable and Strider, both of which can get very ugly if Sentinel’s opponent makes a few right moves. Sentinel has the ability to win them though. He just has to work more for the most part. Overall, Storm wins matches. Sentinel owns them. But now these days where high damage output plays a big deal, ownage is a must. This is the original reason why Cyclops was never that high despite having several wins. He’d barely win matches, but you’d rarely see an owning from him.

here is how I see it…storm is the ‘‘best’’ character, sentinel is the most game breaking character…like, sentinel changes the way the whole game is played, like if he didn’t exist…second tier would probably be playable and stuff like that…but i still gotta give storm the best character award [if i have to give it, IMO, they are both just as good, the only thing that keeps storm with sent or above sent is the number she does on magneto


She does fuck that fucker up :lol:

But i honestly think sent is the best…cuz i have to fight some gangsta sents at my arcade with mag…its like only 2 really good ones tho:bluu: …i would like more practice fighting GOOD sentinels…but yea once that niggah gets a lead…and stomps tha shit outta u…it can get ugly…he fucks up storm on a regular too…she prolly get smacked with a fp like 2324345 times when she tries to run…fastflys kill…unfly locks em down…

sents are gettin more gangsta against cable…unfly is a big help to them…baitin out ya assist…grabbin u in the corner when u get trigger happy:bluu: …and once again the fast flies hurt…sent can trade hits with cable…doin more dmg…and thorw in capcom with sent…and this fight gets alot more harder for that trigger happy bitch…sentinel just destroys whole teams just like magnuz can once they get that lead…storm/sent/xxx is tha devil’s tools:(

I think Sentinel is first easily, even more because people who consider storm first consider Storm/Sent to be first, so his assist is powerful enough to add a lot more to his lead.

PLus, if you consider things from outside US, Sentinel is the one of the top 4 that ha sa good edge over Dhalsim.

Mags could get some hope, I mean, every top ten player used mags at evo.

Few people consider cable to be first, but being a sentinel counter will always keep him up there, IMO

you know it is really hard to compare characters, since the game relies SOOOO heavily upon duos. and i guess that is why my opinion is that storm/sent is better and more lethal than sent/cap. I still like storm/sent/aaa better than scrub…but that is juss my style…had to say that, lataz

I think sent and storm are tied for first. But for my playing style and experience I would say sent is first. His only disadvantage, IMO is his size, and maybe lag on some of his moves. But I don’t think that is much of a disadvantage, considering his damage, range, and chip with his moves. And once players have master his flying, he is so fast. Hell you can even rush him if your good. I’ve seen some tournament vids, where I swear the player’s sent was on crack, I mean like literally. While that is just my opinion. What are yours?

hmm, i think storm is better than sent but NOT drastically. like it soooo depends on players. and storm has options in every situation that i can think of. she is smaller than sent and that means that all the cable/doom traps, strider/doom, cable/capcom
are as effective on storm as on sent. sents unblockable is great. BUT once again, storm can get out of it and so can cable. if you were playin storm smart, you have options. like rushdown or build meter against whoever. sent cant like turtle against cable and build meter, wheres he gonna go.

just they are both the best in the game its just i prefer storm. but also i like mag better than cable, alot better.

so true :stuck_out_tongue:

sentinel is almost a must have on your team. if you don’t have a sentinel you need both mag and storm on your team, or cable and an anti air to beat him. a full life sentinel is a team alone.

i agree. it’s been said.

what and strider alone isn’t?

ok fine…strider/doom?

fine you win…sent = 3 characters

Yes sentinel is the best character and epyonx is back.

Yeah cause i be wipping ya ass!:cool: :smiley:

Actually, the character that changes the game the most is cable, really. The 2nd tier characters would have a chance if cable didn’t exist. Ruby Heart, Colussus, Glitched Juggernaut all become much more viable characters if Cable isn’t on every other team played. Mega Man, Blackheart, and Cyke’s worst matchups are Cable, as well.
Cable and Spiral have the most 10-0 matches against the lower tier characters.

Not like I know that much about this game now, but I still pick my characters in relation to cable… not sentinel.

It’s still basically all about sentinel now. BUT Team scrub is on a HUGE downward slide in popularity with top players…mag snap-out issues…

if you think so man

that still shouldn’t be a problem…just call out sent assist to cover cap and be aggressive…but carefully. People should just learn to play with cap better, like genghis.