Is the HDR community dead online for PS3?


I was gonna buy it from the PS Store, but I read somewhere that there’s no point unless I have friends to play it with me.


HDR for PS3 has a well documented list of problems unfortunately. On the plus side there is the No Honor Crew there who are really great.


No Honor is ineed really great ! it helps having a lot of friends that play the game on your friend list prior to buying the game , but i dont feel that its absolutely necessary. I feel that HDR has its ups and downs when it comes to popularity and the PS3 version has had its downs.
the “i need friends to play with me” statement may be true if you were going to buy KOF12 (then you would have to invite them over because it is f’ing impossible to play online. PS3 HDR is definetively not there yet as it has a decent netcode (if you dont play people with insane ping.)


No i don’t think HDR for PS3 is dead, as my NHC pals said, NHC keeps it alive and hostile.


i jump on PSN from time to time to get my super turbo fix. i never have a problem finding player rooms or creating rooms and getting good competition. theres definitly not as many people as there are on XBL, but it is free.

i definitly wouldnt call it dead.


Okay, cool. Thanks for the response guys, I think I may purchase it.


You can find active PSN players in this forum.