Is the Hori EX2 junk?

I have recently moved from the Mad Catz pad to the Hori EX2.

I wanted to get a stick for all the wonders that 6 buttons on the face provide. I am not too dissapointed with that, but the stick seems… off. On the pad I can knock out hard trial combos and what not, but with this thing I find it difficult to throw a metsu without jumping.

I have heard that the Mad Catz TE stick is much more responsive.

Basically is it the stick or is it me?

It is you. The hori ex2 when new is quite decent out the box. The problem with the EX2 isn’t performance, it is the longevity of the parts. The stick is actually quite ok-good, it is the buttons that tend to die out over a few months time if you play regularly.

^ What he said.

You can buy a TE or change the buttons. I think the biggest problem is you having to adjust. Go into training mode and try to throw out some combos and ultras until you can do it with reasonable consistency. TE stick is not any sort of magical shortcut to learning stick.

The EX2 is not junk. It is a fine stick.

It is you, not the EX2.

Maybe because it’s too light that when he jerks the stick the whole thing moves.

Six buttons off the bat is really nice though.

:u: This.
I love the compact form factor and layout.

Thx All. I will try harder.

I have been practicing Ryu’s Metsu Hadoken. I have been trying to Throw it out ten times in a row. I have gone from 3/10 to 7/10. I guess I am just agravated, because a week ago I could do it 100/100 times. lp Shoryuken FADC to Metsu is so outta my reach right now :frowning:

My main is Guile and I find his supers easier due to the square gate.

Thanks again everyone, more training for me.

I mentioned it a while ago, in another thread, similar in nature, but the Hori EX series is like the Madcatz SE’s… they are “entry” level sticks and great for the money, and have working parts that get the job done. If you were willing to invest some time and money, a custom, or a TE or RAP would be a better choice in my opinion, as they are heavier, and have more durable parts from the get go.

I have the Hori Ex2 and its pretty cool like others have said.

everything will come with practice, i was in your state at one point. but i’ve ben practicing and can do the shoryu - fadc - metsu hadoken pretty well now…

the buttons are completely terrible though, imo

i really want to get a mod going on this thing

Ive played on my hori-ex2 for a year now and it still work’s? What do you mean it dies? The parts may be crap but they don’t die.

Id get the TE if you could afford it however or the hrap SE/SA

My ex2 jab and short buttons died. A few people who i’ve modded ex2 for had a buttons die. Consider yourself lucky and you got a rare good batch. My jab punch button was the first to go, playing Virtua Fighter. I would press on it and no response.

But if ur gonna end up modding the ex2. than why go for an ex2 and go for an se?
se=no solder

EX2 = No solder, Aswell if you want it to be the only thing you have to do really is mod the case, We have toodles to thank for that :slight_smile: <3Toodles, But if you want it to work with the Xbox360, You have to solder still.

A EX2 is junk. A modded EX2 is nice.

I think a lot of people here are missing the fact that the OP is basically going from pad to stick in general, which is always going to take time to adjust to, no matter what stick you are using.

Which is why it is him, not the EX2.


What i don’t get the joke, I was just commenting on what another user said? So it was relevant to another user, But thanks for being a jackass when you intended to look like a smartass.

While the Billy Madison clip was uncalled for, it only takes a simple search on the Hori EX2 to find out that it already works with the 360 and that modding it very much requires soldering. And desoldering.

You also would have found out the differences between an EX2 and a HRAP EX, the latter being a stick that uses quick-disconnects on the buttons for easy modding.