Is the Hori Fighting Commander 4 the way to go for mods?


Given how often the PS4 updates and the firmware updates for 8 min timeouts, is the HFC4 the way to go? It can be more trouble than it’s worth for some people to have to do firmware updates all the time, and with no guarantee for future proofing on other custom pcbs.

Padhacking a FC4 isn’t much to do and for only 29.99 on GameStop, it is very temping. Sony does QA testing only for licensed products, and the FC4 is one of them. Teyah lag test is on par, and to put it short it is one of the few that truly works “out of the box”/future-proof.


$29.99US? Lucky.
I’m paying ~$60CDN (~$46US these days) and I’m still using it as the PCB of choice when modding for PS4.

The only real downside to the HFC4 is the lack of a Touchpad-button.


For some people the lack of a touch pad button is a deal breaker.


If all you want to do is add ps4, yes. Not too complicated of a mod.

If you’re planning to have a bunch a systems, it’s worth simplifing the mod install by using the brook universal and just deal with the firmware updates.


What does a firmware update really consist of other than plugging said device into computer and downloading new firmware?


I think so. specially if you only need ps3/4. I think I might be one of the few peeps that don’t care for the touch pad. it only saves you like a second ot less to reset on practice mode anyway.


what functions does the touch pad have for current titles like ki/sfv/mk/etc??


In sf5 it allows you to reset/ move positions in training mode and in Skullgirls it lets you do something similar iirc


If you don’t need a touch pad, Hori FC4 all the way.


Pretty much what everyone else said. Though I will throw in that the firmware updates tend to come out within a day or two of the PS4 updates, and the update process itself actually takes under a minute (including the download). Also, the PS4 firmware updates don’t tend to be released all that often.


Just having to wait a day or 2 for Brook to release the update, then downloading. I guess there’s uncertainty to how fast Brook will continue to update firmware in the future.


I know the new PS4 update caused 8 minute time outs. Were there any other problems after the update?


I think the OP has a point, even if updating the firmware is simple(as long as Brook keeps ontop of their game). There is a sense of security knowing that your fightstick has a licensed PCB inside it. Of course it is more labor for the user to solder a FC4 into their stick compared to a Brook with screw on terminals, but honestly soldering is easy, the real craft is organizing your wiring and making everything look neat.

And yes yes, the touchpad capability, but lets get serious, nobody is using that for any game that you are using a fightstick for anyway. Yeah you can bind it to resetting your training mode or other convenient features, but why not just bind those to R2, R3, L2, or L3? If Brook offered legacy support in addition to their standard UFB, then yeah maybe the Brook would become much more appealing.

In the end, both are viable routes to make your fightstick PS4 capable. It comes down to what YOU need and what you are capable of doing.


I’d have to try it on my system, but I can’t see why you couldn’t force it as a PS3 stick and then use it as a legacy device.