Is the Juri/Chun matchup 6-4 to us?

I have a Chun Li friend I play with pretty frequently, so I am used to a lot of Chun Li’s weaknesses. I hadn’t thought about just how much they affect the Juri/Chun Li match up till I saw Sako demolish some Chun Lis and found a few early set up videos that might tilt the battle in Juri’s favor. Just looking at a side by side comparison of Chun Li’s weaknesses might make this a little more apparent.

A lot of this is converted to Juri vs Chun stuff rather than the specific stuff, credit to Infamy.

Throws and mix ups are the real deal in this game. Pretty strong no matter what way you look at it. Chun Li has the second worst throw range in the game, while Juri is definitely high up there on the shimmy speed wagon. Most of Chun Li’s pressure can be walked away from, in part due to this, but Juri can basically out space Chun Li, her throw being much more capable of beating Chun Li’s and making her mix ups that much stronger because of it.

The other issue with Chun Li is her Crush Counters are pretty garbage ones for damage out put. Two of her main ones are either so stubby you can’t truly fish with pressure or… well… ‘standing heavy kick’. Yeah they can do pretty decent on whiff punishes and frame traps but they aren’t exactly the type that help you build V-Meter consistently, especially if you compare them to other crush counters in the game such as Lady Mika or Ken’s standing HP. In short you aren’t going to be building much V meter in neutral. Compare this to Juri’s standing Heavy kick alone and you can start to see just how much more often Juri is capable of building the V-Meter she needs.

I hope I don’t have to explain why Chun Li’s V-Reversal vs Juri’s is laughable. Juri and Ibuki have probably the best V-Reversals in the game right now.

And probably the harder to compare, jumps. Juri’s is this sleek elegant high but shallow thing and not floaty at all. speed does not lag behind either. Chun Li’s otoh is this 41 frame floaty as fuck jump (and her V-Skill jump is even worse.) This makes her, for Juri specifically I think, far easier to air to air escpecially given Juri has an air to air tool kit that rivals if not beats Chun Li’s hands down.

Anyway the advantages Juri have on Chun Li are pretty clear. My friend thinks this is a 6-4 matchup but you know how people who main a character are. That said they no longer think Chun Li isn’t top tier, just that they suck (I dunno, but that’s a different story.)

That being said a few other things make me think this might be a 6-4.

For example, Chun Li’s fireball game is even more useless than usual. If Chun Li ever tries to use fireball against her as a fireball, Juri is going to take advantage of it to charge up her shit and zone /Chun/. (This was the part I observed from the Sako stuff specifically.)

The other thing that I have observed is Chun Li’s normals don’t poke Juri that well. The ranges for Chun Li’s optimal poking (which is a key part of her game plan) just do not line up far enough to hit Juri’s own optimal range. And lets face it a jump in from Chun Li is pretty easy to react to with Juri’s tool set.

Finally, I have seen a set up where you can push Chun Li out of throw range, but you can still throw her or go for more pressure.

So what do you all think, do these so-called ‘weaknesses’ of Chun Li’s give Juri the advantage, and do you have any set ups/spacing advice to make it closer to 6-4 even if it isn’t really?

Pretty much everything you mentioned has no influence on a MU. With your logic, Chun loses to the entire cast because of her trash throw range and floaty jump. Chun doesn’t need to throw fireballs to fight Juri, she can use them however for free chip after low forward or something. Juri can punish Chun’s fireball on reaction with super or split kick, so Chun has no business throwing plasma carelessly. Chun has a fantastic walk speed and can simply walk forward to close distance/walk Juri into a corner if Juri does a raw store. Chun’s stand fierce alone gives Juri a lot of problems in neutral so I have no idea what you’re talking about in regards to Chun not being able to poke Juri. Alpha counter? Who cares? She has one of the best reversals being ex bird, and her alpha counter still serves a purpose- to reset the situation in the event you are being pressured hard.

Juri has a cool, sleek jump? Nice. Chun’s stand short says hi.

Juri is still new, but there’s no way this MU is in her favor for the reasons you mentioned. If any Juris would like to play my Chun, I would be more than happy to, please add me at ShadolooDoll

Run away from Chun li and you might win just based off of their frustration.

From Silver to Diamond.

Well actually yeah that normally does work, if you run from Chun you can at least make the other player slip up, that is how my friend usually loses, but on a more serious note, therefore, is Juri BETTER at winning while running away from Chun than most characters, because that might legit make this 6-4

Ya’all are talking about some massive, low level playing. “Running away” Run away to where? The corner? Strong players are patient and could care less if someone opts to, “run away.” In fact, I’d just walk my running opponent into the corner and let the games begin. They want to try to get out? Have fun eating Chun’s roundhouse or stand fierce. Juri needs meter to even have a real reversal. Being in a corner is a bad idea. Oh, and apparently Vega has a 6-4 on the entire cast with his great back walk speed. I mean, he clearly can run away from everyone better. >_>

You could of just put this post in the matchup thread. But no, the matchup is most definitely not 6-4 in Juri’s favor. Chun wins in the neutral and grounded game. Chun has the best and easiest AA in the game. Juri will not get in on a jump. If Chun jumps, it’s probably for IALL pressure. From day one, it was clear that Juri’s V-reversal had problems. It is among the worst in the game, some pro players suggest it is the worst. Imo the best V-reversal in the game goes to Cammy, it’s a side switch and Cammy can apply some ridiculous pressure in the corner and it gives her a full screen of space. There are too many holes in your logic, and it sounds like something you would write down on paper and just submit without hard evidence.

Best V-Reversal is deffo Gief’s. Insanely fast startup, next to no recovery and +2 on hit.

I think you’re typing with low level thinking. Running away consist of resetting your neutral space instead of sitting there and eating normals like Justin Wong usually does against Chun.
Too many implications on your side.
If you want to play an offensive Juri against Chun-li, if you think your normals are better…then go full force into her poke range like a Ken player.
Edit: And another thing, I wouldn’t call it a 6-4. In the long run I’ll edge it to Chun-li. Also doyou like my implications :^)
Everytime Sako backdashes…“running away” he resets the situation…on the flip side…he would back dash and then jump

I like the sequence at 5:30 and forward

  1. “Running away” check
  2. “Baiting” check
  3. “Frustration kicks in” check
  4. Jumps > LK Pinwheel
  5. Jumps again > DP
  6. Dead

Chun has issues with zoning (it’s basically her biggest flaw), but Juri’s zoning probably isn’t strong enough to specifically worry vs her.

The problem with rating this matchup really early though is that Juri is a very open ended character with a good ceiling for tech and neutral advancement. It’s not like she’s a simple character like Alex where you just look at the frame data and hit boxes and go “ok…shit is probably gonna go this way”. With a character like Juri the character won’t be complete to assess neutrally or pressure wise for months or more.

Yossan and aiai still mashing dpwheel and not optimal optimal yet… give it time :3

Juri’s V reversal best in the game… :neutral:
I think u mean worst my friend.

Oh yes, I’m intrigued by this chun matchup. It’s sure to be an uphill battle like against Karin I imagine. I’ve only used Juri for 1 day online but we all need tough matches in order to find a way to counter. I havnt really been able to play really good chuns because of my rank, I get booted from gold rooms and such because of my Damn rank, I mean cmon when I played rank I won every single match to get to 2000 points. But I’m sure I can hang with most of them as long as there isn’t much lag. Because I treat matches like there is no way in hell people should be jumping in for free like I see alot.