Is the Madcatz SE stick fixed now?

Hi, I recently got into SSF:IV and picked up AE a couple weeks ago. I’ve been playing on pad and was thinking of making the switch to stick. I’m not planning on spending $100+ and grabbing myself the TE just yet so was just going to start of with the SE.

I was checking out some reviews of the stick on the forums and everywhere I go, people say that the stick will break after a couple months of use. I did some more research and found that the problem is due to a moving washer in the actual stick which causes damage to the PCB.

Another thing I noticed was that majority of these reviews are from 2009 so I was just wondering if Madcatz has finally fixed the issue and that I can go to gamestop and purchase a fully working SE stick that won’t bust on me after a couple months.


I think most ppl, like I, have already replaced the stick and buttons, mines is still kicking like a mule but the PCB for the start and back buttons went, rewiring directly to arcade buttons fixed the problem though, now I need to find out how to punch holes to accommodate the buttons, Anyone care to help me with that issue?

Partially fixed, but no. They fixed the washer issue, but there is still a button dying issue and maybe a PCB issue with RT and LT.

To drill holes you need a 15/16 inch hole saw bit to put in your drill.

Just FYI. We stopped making the SE awhile back.

You’re not going to find a new (2011) SE produced stick for SFIV. The latest iteration of this stick is the WWE All-Stars BrawlStick, which is essentially a black cased version of the SE stick but with our in-house engineered Mad Catz parts; which are IMHO light years better than the parts in the original SFIV SE FightStick.

Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks.

Thanks a bunch, and MarkMan I haven’t seen you on Sole Collector’s UMvC3 thread in a while, It’s TBGA from there, I was a long time lurker here

Oh wow they still have that issue? I have the original stick for my se and it didnt have that problem. A real cure is to replace the buttons and stick with sanwa parts. You can buy the stick first, then the buttons. They cost about 25 bucks each (buttons = 6 for 25 bucks normally, or around that price).

That will solve the issue and save you anywhere from 50 - 75 dollars compared to a TE.

Thanks for all the responses. I am planning on eventually switching the buttons/stick with all sanwa parts but not just yet.

MarkMan, you said that the WWE All-Stars BrawlStick has much better parts? Would you recommend I buy this stick? Are there any known problems with the newer iterations of it?

My personal suggestion is that you take the hit and buy a TE, if you can stomach the cost. You won’t regret it.

The cost of buying an SE and switching out the parts for Sanwas is only a little cheaper than a TE anyway, and the size of the TE is what makes it better, in my opinion, which is not something modding can do for your SE. Not cheap, anyway.

Okay, I guess I will end up getting the TE. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate the responses!