Is the madcatz sf x tekken FIGHTPAD sd any good?


Is this controller different from the original madcatz fightpad which had the issue of not being able to register the diagonals very well which resulted in it being very hard to crouch block and do hadokens/shoryukens. If any of you have this controller and have tried it on street fighter 4 please answer that question :slight_smile:


This is by far the WORSE controller I have ever purchased. I’ve been playing on the saturn USB pad, but decided to try this pad out. It’s terrible. The floating d-pad is atrocious; it doesn’t register diagonals unless you apply a lot of force to it, which makes neutral qcb motions impossible. I’m going to smash it with a hammer now.


This is a horrible Idea… let me smash it with a hammer instead :slight_smile:


if its a 360 pad sell it in the trade forum… you can atleast get half your money back…


Don’t smash it. The circuit board is valuable for making or dual modding arcade sticks. Sell it to a modder or stick builder. Put it on ebay.


Bring it with you to tournaments, just in case someone tries to bum a controller off somebody. That will motivate them to bring their own shit next time.


uh… Can I have it? :]


I have the new Sf X Tek pad and I like it alot, very useful I’m able to do Dragon P’s very well I suck at Mist Step naturally not because of the pad, combos tag-in’s etc. I got off from the Arcade Stick because I got tired of sitting that shit on my lap. 6 button layout as you know, I say go for it. If it breaks or having problems with it take it back or buy another it’s fairly cheap or least that’s what I’ll do.


I actually bought both versions (ps3/360) for use in tournaments. The only way I can hope to use it now is to bash my opponent’s face in with it during the match, and hope they get distracted by the blood.
Me thinks i’m going to get the hori fightpad pro, but there is no 360 converter that works with it, afaik. I hate 360, for the record, but all the local tournaments here are on it =/


OMG!!! he said he’s gonna smash it on stream!!!


Ok, so I actually found a way to make this pad usable; I opened it up, and added 4 pieces of scotch tape to the back of the d-pad. It’s a little stiffer now (no homo), but the diagonals work perfectly. Scotch tape > madcatz


No way, you must be talking about the original madcatz fightpad because the new fightpad sd fixed the diagonal issue for the most part. After using it for about 3 months, ii gotta say that this controller is actually very solid. You are right that it is a little difficult to register the diagonals, but this is only an issue when doing hadoken motions from the second player side (first player side is not a problem at all). Its a little annoying but you just have to change your natural hadoken motion a bit to make sure you hit the diagonal. Now I can do hadokens 95% of the time from the second player in tense moments. I think with a bit more usage ill be very confident in doing hadokens from the second player side. Funny thing is even though hadokens are a little diffiicult to do, shoryukens and double hadoken motion supers come out 100% of the time on both sides. Crouch blocking is not a problem at all and diagonal jumps are for the most part very easy to pull off although there may be small ocassions where you get the vertical jump instead. Basicallly, this controller is pretty much perfect if you could adjust your hadoken motion on the second player side. It is the best dpad i have had and i have tried pretty much every dpad for every controller for the 360. For the next installment they just need to make it a bit easier to register that diagonal in the hadoken motion from the second player side.

Note if youre a makoto, cammy, or adon user then this controller is not for you because it is very difficult to pull off those dive kicks that come out as soon as you get off the ground and this is really the only true issue I see with this controller.

I think this controller is better than some arcade stickss


Too late, he already took it, and THREW IT ON THE GROUND.


Hado’s should come out 100% of the time… the only time you should whiff a hado is because you tried to throw one too soon after the last one. The Hado motion is the basic motion for all 2D fighters… if a pad is making that motion difficult, then it’s not a good pad. Saying it’s “better than some arcade sticks” blows my mind… Unless you’re talking about a stock mayflash or something. I’m not a pad hater… (my directional execution is still tight on an OG SNES pad) but these kinds of statements make me crazy.


Your right about the original Madcatz Fight pad it broke on me in three months. I like the New FightPad especially playing Guy on both AE and SF X Tekken. And When he’s released on Ps3…it’s going to be criminal what he can do :badboy:


so I was looking at getting either the SFxt pad or the WWE Brawl pad. Which do you guys recommend?




Man fuck this pad. Its a piece of shit. 80% of the time the right upper diagonal doesn’t register. Ill try the scotch tape trick, but right now my old Xbox 360 dpad is working 100 times better.


Same for me. The only diagonal that registers properly is down/right. It’s absolutely no fun to play with. The buttons are good but if you can’t rely on your “tool” and Akuma’S Bnb (for example) is a lottery, it’s useless.
@kymah: Where did you put the four pieces scotch tape? On the back of the diagonals?

Edit: Never mind me asking. Fixed it and it works like a charm now.



But seriously, where did you put the tape?