Is the Mayflash USB stick worth buying to mod?

I’m getting the 360 and PS3 versions of SF4, but I lack a stick for my PS3. I’d like to have something I can use on my PS2 as well since I don’t have a stick for that either. I’ve looked at internal pics and such, and it doesn’t look horribly difficult, but would it be worth the price of buying it and switching out all the parts as opposed to buying, say, a HRAP2 or HRAP SA and using a PS2-PS3 adapter?

Mayflashes require a lot of work to mod, especially dremeling the case to fit sticks and buttons(the button holes on Mayflashes are 28mm, so work will be needed to get 30mm pushbuttons in), and alot of soldering, as opposed to HRAPs, which come with JLF sticks and the snap-ins are connected to the pcb via QDs. While Mayflashes have an attractive price point and dual compatibility, stock parts, small size compared to HRAP, the button layout on PS3 is weird, it has no home button to access the XMB, and the challenge that will come with modding are things to consider. Hope this help, cause I considered getting one too, and I’ve seen a few impressive Mayflash mods on here.