Is the octagonal plate needed?


So i decided that for my first stick that i would buy a wwe brawlstick and mod it. I got the stick and for the standard parts, it’s really hard to pull off quarter circle moves or any diagonal moves like in street fighter. i ordered a sanwa joystick and buttons and they should arrive sometime this week, but i was wondering. Will the joystick itself make the diagonal directions more responsive or will i have to get an octagonal restictor plate?


There is nothing wrong with the stock square restrictor. In fact this actually allows for the greatest are for engaging the diagonals.


An octagonal plate may help if you’re used to American-style arcades that use either octagonal of circular gates. However, since you’ve said that this is your first stick, I’m going go go with my gut and say: practice, practice, practice. It takes a bit of time going from pad to stick to get used to the feeling of the stick.

And, since you’ve mentioned diagonals, I should probably mention that getting “stuck in the corners” is a problem that a lot of people transitioning to square gates have, myself included when I was starting. The biggest breakthroughs, for me, came when I realized that I didn’t have to ride the gate with the stick, and that I had to move my stick far enough to stop engaging the down switch for quarter circles (or: move the stick a little farther up).


The stock Restrictor of WWE BrawlStick is actually bad.
It is known problem to not register the Diagonals.

So is wise to replace with Sanwa GT-8F.
Or install full Sanwa JLF.


i could NOT fast fly at all til i got an octo gate