Is the online really that bad?


I’ve been thinking about buying this game for a while but I’ve heard it’s really bad online.
Is it as bad as I’ve heard or is it decent enough to justify a buy?


It’s bad, but somewhat playable.


It’s good if you play Hulk.


It sucks, but it’s playable if you find people in your region and have a decent connection.


It’s pretty bad. Good if you’re playing with people “Close” to you.


Not good, but better then everybody makes it out to be.


better than no marvel at all.


It’s bad and a totally different story from offline but once you adjust and come to terms with the fact that lag will definitely cause you to lose some matches then you’ll be fine.

Like a buddy above mentioned though… expect a lot of hulks+drones teams. That is the godlike tier of online marvel


How is it compared to Street Fighter 4 online? That’s what I’ve been playing for years.


I could get good connections in SF with my buddy who lives in Pennsylvania (I live in Oregon). When we play Marvel it’s like swimming in molasses.


Its helpful for learning certain match-ups I feel if you have a friend who wants to learn marvel just play with him an try to grind it out together


Bad lag is extremely bad, and even a little can be rough. Still, when it’s good it’s playable enough to pull things off.


As a new player I get a new asshole ripped every-time I go online not very fun and kind of laggy.


In a small country like the UK, it’s mostly fine. The majority of my online matches are significantly better than 5 bar lag simulation in training mode and definitely comparable to a good SF4 connection. In the US though, i’m sure you need to be playing inside state or something.


To put it bluntly
Go to a real tourney


Yup. Because it’s just that easy.


Marvel Online breaks down simply as this: If you just want to plya the game and have fun = slow, put doable. Enjoy. However if you are learning/trying to LEARN Marvel, stay away from it like the plague.


There’s the added meta game of quarter-second lag spikes preventing your input from coming out. That shit drives me up the wall. I’m on PS3 version though, I don’t know if 360 is smoother. and yes, i’m hooked up via ethernet.

Now i’m just having fun with it, seeing how many kubota escapes I can get in a match, etc.


connection wise, ok.
gameplay wise, not really, like someone said before, if you are new, don’t play online, higher ranked/skilled players will beat you are give you no respect for even trying. If you want to play online, don’t do ranked cause that’s just stupid, do player matches, a lot more fun. Play with friends so that you can improve.


Region matters way, way, waaaaay more. IMO, an A+ connection in Marvel is ~a B+ connect in SF. Totally playable, but not without flaws.

When I play a character like Captain America on a great Marvel connect, I feel like I’m almost not inhibited by lag at all. Try to play Spiderman on that same connection, though, and I kind of want to kill myself. I mostly play Player Matches, and although I will absolutely only play opponents with 5/5 connection ratings, half the time I immediately quit because it’s too laggy. On the other hand, on more than a few occasions I’ve played 50+ match sets with a random player because the connection and matchup was good.

Also, as has been said, the learning curve for playing Marvel online is generally MUCH steeper than SF. The salt of assholes teabagging/taunting + drowning in lag at the same time also adds up to considerable amount of sodium to handle.

Would I recommend getting the game right now? Don’t really know. There is a lot of fun to be had at any level of play but at this point, I don’t know if the inevitable rage is worth it. I’ve been playing games since I was 7 years old, but I’ve honestly NEVER felt such rage in a videogame before UMVC3, especially online. At the same time, it’s the only game I’m playing 90% of the time. So it’s either worth it, or I just hate myself a lot. Really don’t know which one it is.