Is the PS3 input lag back?

Simple question really: Are we looking at one frame of lag again? Or did they FINALLY fix it?

1st off my ps3 has never had input lag issues on standard monitors. And if the issue was that blatantly obvious and true then evo would change their standard.

2st the links in sfxt are much more generous then sf4 so I don’t think 1 framers are going to be that crucial

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SF4 on PS3 has always has 1-2f more input lag than the 360 version, regardless of the monitor used.

Whether that was a function of the game engine or the console hardware, I don’t know. I would imagine some tests will be run on SFxT sooner or later, though.

every game on PS3 has 1 frame input lag IIRC
the hardware causes it

EVERY GAME?! I’ve only seen that for SF4. Gonna need a source.

not meant as personal attacks but it is VERY important to avoid the spread of false information around these kinds of issues

you do not understand what you’re talking about

you do not understand what you’re talking about

so pls explain to us whats the real thing master!!

What he said. And I love your review of SFxT.

To the first guy: Input delay does not disappear just because you can’t notice it

Second guy: PS3, like 360 (and Taito Type X2 arcade) has inherent delay of 4F minimum on every game. The issue was that PS3 SF4 games had an extra 2F of delay beyond that.

The question was: Has anyone tested SFxT for the extra 2 frames?
Check that site in a couple weeks.

As someone stated, this problem isn’t inherent to the PS3 hardware. If you look at games like VF5 and Tekken 6, it’s actually the ps3 that either performs completely the same/better than the 360.

I am a ps3 user, and I HOPE that Capcom has taken this issue seriously as it’s not fair to PS3 users. The sfxt engine was also built from the ground up (not using sf4 engine) so hoping they resolved the issue since it isn’t a “port” from taito hardware…

Considering that Sony has dished out twice the cash to get 3 exclusives and 2 timed exclusives as well as a handheld port with 12 more, I’d assume it would work better on PS3 or at least equivalent with both PS3 and 360.

I hope you are right! :slight_smile:

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Where did you get this? It’s pretty clearly a modified SF4 engine.

Can’t remember where I heard it - but it was mentioned in an early interview with Seth. Just cause it looks similar to sf4 doesn’t mean it’s using the same engine.

Found a slight nod to it here:–-We-Exchange-Fighting-Words-With-Capcom-s-Seth-Killian.html

By rebuilt, they usually mean that it’s still based on the old engine. There’s still a good bit of old code left and a good bit of the process flow is likely the same as well.

yeah, and the same group of developers are rumored to be working on the Darkstalkers sequel, so don’t keep your hopes up for parity between systems.