Is The PSN Version Worth Time and Money?


I’m very interested in this game, looking at a bunch of old matches and very impressed with the gameplay but can’t decide whether or not to purchase it considering the input lag. I’d like to know from veterans of this game whether or not the PSN is a good investment for getting into the game and developing skill or to steer clear of buying it.


Short answer: no.

Pick up a ps2 or dc and find the game. A couple pcbs support dc and ps2 these days (mc cthulhu and ps360+).


the game was awesome, so yea defo worth picking up on psn if you can get it lol


The game is no longer in the “competitive” circuit, so sure, why not? There is a couple options that smooth out the lag + use the training stage, so you dont have to hunt a ps2 or dc + sticks or pads for just one game that you still havent played.


Agree with geadom.


The “hunting down” a dc/ps2 is exadurated, trust. There a tons of shops that still carry them. Ebay / amazon have them also.

I picked up two dcs on ebay for 15 bucks. I already had a few ps360+ sticks so, not much else effort was required but, to each his own.



played it once. it was laggy and unplayable. unless you never played the game and just wanna “casually press buttons” then whatever go for it. but its not playable I can tell you that much. I dont know how people play cvs2 on lcds lol. I have people inviting me to play cvs2 and they dont even have a crt tv. like…wtf bruh??