Is the Real Arcade Pro 3 worth the $50 difference from the Fight Stick 3?

I want to finally buy a stick but can’t decide which of those 2 to get. If the RAP3 is far superior then I’ll shell out the $50 extra. But given I’ve never used a stick and money’s kinda tight now I was wondering if it’s really worth the difference from the FS3.

from what ive heard, the HRAP3 has a sanwa stick installed already. that alone is worth at least $25. the buttons, unfortunately, are the same as the fight stick 3.

if youre playign casually, the fight stick is plenty. it in a smaller case and easier to transport if you like ot go over to your friends place to play. the HRAP case is kinda big but feels sturdier than the fight stick.

if you can afford the HRAP, get it. if not, then just get teh fight stick. you probably wont know the difference anyway.

oh, i just remembered one thing that bugs me about teh fight stick is teh button layout. its not as straight as teh HRAP and needs a little getting used to if youre used to it any other way. look them up and see if the difference is anythign to you.:tup:

Well I hope to eventually be able to play at tournament level which is what is prompting me to buy a stick. There is just certain stuff on a controller that is more difficult to perform than it would be on a stick.

I might just get the FS3 just to break myself in instead of buying a more expensive stick off the bat.

Before you start posting stuff like that there are several previous similar forums like yours. It just depends on how much you want real arcade parts and also the price difference between the two sticks is no longer 50 bucks since SF4 got released

ya its more like 150 bux difference 7_7