Is the restrictor gate a pain on all joysticks to remove?


I did the washer fix on my Street Fighter SE stick and by far the hardest part was removing the square gate off the joystick. I chewed up the plastic a bit trying to do it, nothing damaging but just looks a little worn now.

The reason I ask this is because I ordered a Sanwa joystick to replace it along with the circle gate that I thought I would replace the square on the Sanwa with. However I don’t want to dig up my new joystick. So was the Madcatz joystick just a cheap POS and that is why the gate was a pain to get off, or is it a nightmare on all joysticks?

I honestly have gotten used to the square gate and my just leave it if it’s a pain on all of them.



Yeah, removing gates on a JLF is much easier than the on on the MadCatz stick. You just push in the tabs on a couple sides and it pretty much pops off.


you have to use the eagle claw technique. study your old kung fu movies. :nunchuck:



Part of the problem on mine was that some of the black angled clips (the ones that you have to press to release) couldn’t budge b/c they were already up against a surface feature on the restrictor plate (a ridge surrounding a hole that a peg goes into), so they couldn’t be pushed back to release. I just used a pocketknife to carve away a tiny sliver from that, and on one of the clips, to make it easier to release.

It was also helpful to use some pliers to pinch the clip and restrictor to force them apart, once I was sure the clip’s lip had cleared the catch in the restrictor. As I type this, I’m realizing pictures would be ideal - sorry.


This was much harder (and frustrating) than I anticipated. Here’s a pro-tip, don’t try to remove the tabs one at a time. You’ll get down to the last one and it will be damned near possible to remove. Instead push each of the tabs in with a flat-head screwdriver until they’re loose, but not off. Once all four of them are loose you can pull the entire gate off at once.


Where should I push in the black tabs at? Am i pushing them in? And at what angle do i push in with the screw? Pics related.

Jesus, this is so hard to do. Should i take off the stick and do it or leave it on?


How is this hard? Yes, push the tabs straight in (horizontally) and the gate will pop off…


Sanwa Square gate is peazy to take off.

check out this video of the ultimate JLF mod by therealneogeo. [media=youtube]QytcbzZmXaI[/media]

pretty much shows you how to take off all of the Sanwa gates.


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We’re not talking about the Sanwa stick here, we’re talking about the stock SE stick. The tabs seem to be too big and cover the holes even when pushed in. As someone else mentioned, I may have to shave off part of the clip to allow it to slide out. I’ve seen the videos, but most are with the sanwa stick, which seems easy as heck to take off.


i didn’t have 1 problem with the restrictor plate

i just pushed one tab in, stuck a flathead under the gate, wedged it up a lil, went to the next and did the same

then just popped right off no prob


I had to break off my SE stick’s restrictor gate with pliers to take it off. It simply wouldn’t come off like all regular Sanwa gates do.

So there’s your answer.


I had to help my friend mod his SE stick and I also had difficulty taking off the restrictor but I got it off by using a flat head screwdriver. I just put the flat head in between the black tab and the restrictor and pushed the tab inward. Pry it like a crowbar opening a wooden crate. Make sure you pull the restrictor while you’re pushing the tab… I also filed down a little bit of the tabs after i got it off so it’ll come off easier next time. =)


I took it off the same way just now (I think). I took off the entire stick, put the flat head under and pushed up. I watched this vid and did it the exact same way and worked.


Had problems because I was doing it the way shown on the gametrailers video for the TE stick.


I don’t understand why people bother switching a gate out on a shitty stick when they can actually put a JLF in there.


here’s an idea. instead of switching the gate on that piece of shit Madcatz crap you call a joystick, spend 24-28 bucks on a JLF. Then you can switch the gate out real easy and have a quality stick at the same time.


Why change the gate on a terrible stick? I plan to change out the micro switches to make this a sanwa quality part.