Is the retail ssf4 AE for pc out yet?

I would like to pick up a boxed copy but can’t find it anywhere. Are futureshop and bestbuy ever going to get it?

Order one from here.

This is a canadian site but i think they would do US too.

pardon my ignorance but retail version as opposed to what? The steam version? Why would one get the retail version as opposed to the alternate (steam?) version? Are there differences that one should be aware of?

I’m thinking of picking a copy up myself sometime soon and wondering how I should make my purchase

There is but it’s seemingly hard to find in a regular store, when I went looking, nobody had heard of it and thought I was referencing vanilla SFIV (funny, I thought they might employ actual gamers in these stores). I think I tried 6 different places until I gave up and just bought it from Steam - I’d have to wait for delivery from an online retailer for a disc anyway, so there was no point. The only reason I wanted a physical copy was because I was feeling to impatient to download the entire game as opposed to installing it from a disk. Turned out it didn’t take very long anyway.

I remember Svensson saying it didn’t get the same distribution in the US as in Europe. I pre-ordered it from and it arrived just after the official (but several times moved) release date of the 15th of July.

As to why, I like to possess a hard copy and manual, that’s all. :slight_smile: (Incidentally the manual for AE is really poor).

Well that’s a shame. I already have the iso of the game. I was wondering if i bought it from steam, how i could avoid steam installation.