Is the Sammy (Ascii) Guilty Gear XX arcade stick OPTICAL or MICROSWITCH


Still on an optical trip. May have access to one of these for cheap.

Is anyone familiar with the Guilty Gear XX, model SMY-0502GX? Is this anything like the other Ascii FT sticks that they produced for DC and PS2?

#1 Concern, is the stick optical or microswitch?

#2 Concern, will it being 3.3V be a problem for modding to Akishop’s PS360+ or @Toodles‌ Cthulhu?


I believe its Optical,
And in regards to installing a ps360+, The voltage wont matter cause if you do that then it will draw 5v from the USB line.
As normally with the PS360 you with use a Neutrik RJ45 feed through.


Do you have one of these, are you 95% sure its optical?

Also wouldn’t it be a good idea to put resistors between PS360+ or Cthulhu’s VCC and the power wire of the optical joystick to get +5V down to +3.3V?


I have one but the joystick was microswitch.

The only time I found an optical in a stick was the Ascii Dreamcast FT CvS2 edition.


Why not get an optical board board from toodles or focus attack?


pretty sure its microswitch though can’t confirm




Because if I wanted it, the stick would be $Free.NintyNine + Free Shipping

Also don’t see the optical option on @jmanDMC‌ 's anymore, goes to a dead link.


Get the Toodles Spark CE.


Thanks for the intel you guys, looks like it’s Ascii Stick FT’s, Zero 3’s, Zero 3 Ultimate’s, or Justice’s that I gotta track down then.

Damn you SAMMY!!!


Tracked this down today from Akiba Games for $49.30.

Thanks errbody!!!


SparkCE is best optical in everyday for jap stick.

handles power differently

can change sensitivity

@fifty8mm is selling an ascii here:

Seriously though sparkce+ jlf + 2lb spring is money. works perfect with circle gate and octo too so you can throw a 3 or 4 lb spring in it with an injustice bat top /w circle gate and feels almost identical to happ 360

i roll at 60ohmz. although 55.5 is nice too.

theres a link to the sparkce srk forum too on that page. i think its $60 total. with shipping. well worth it.


Thanks @sethian0‌, appreciate the advice homie, the funning thing is I was trying to buy the whole stick from @fifty8mm‌ before he parted it out.

I “will” eventually get a SparkCE, but man I got too many builds going right now!!!

Sometimes you just wanna open a retail box, pull out a joystick, and play some CvS2… you know???