Is the SE Fightstick okay now?

Hey Guys,

After a lot time of serching for SE Fightsticks I finally found a shop that sells them.
But the last time I read often that the buttons don’t work and stuff like that.
Is that problem solved in the meantime?
Can I buy one without regret it a few weeks/months later?

thanks for feedback


The problem people were more concerned with than the buttons was the washer problem with the joystick’s pcb. I believe that the newer models of the SE have fixed this problem. The buttons will always be Sanwa imitations, so I’m not sure, but I’d recommend a TE to be safe. Of course I own a TE myself, so I’m a bit biased.

get a hrap3. they are back to 100 dollars on amazon!

The stick and buttons are crap but its nice and easy to swap them out.

the buttons and stick are decent, i would recommend getting real aracde replacements such as sanwa or semitsu parts as soon as you can

The HRAP is pretty solid. But for my personal preference, it was too big. So I went with the SE and swapped out all the parts for Sanwa parts. Now I have a smaller stick with the same parts as an HRAP with the conveience of having a smaller stick. The weight on the SE is good enough to not slide off your lap so its perfect for me. With the mod, it ends up costing the same as the HRAP. So really, its all about what best for you. There are many options.

allright, thank you for fast response.
So I’ll order a SE and Sanwa Parts as soon as I can handle it^^
I’m total new to sticks but I want that true arcade feeling :wink:
(( It’s hard to get Arcade sticks in europe btw. ))

can someone explain what that washer problem is? I heard about it but still don’t know what exactly it is^^

There is a washer inside the stick itself. Its not suppose to move at all. In the old SE sticks, they did move and ended up scratching the pcb for the stick as you play. Eventually, it would scratch the pcb to the point where it would be completely unresponsive to your inputs. They supposedly fix this problem, but if you are swapping out the stick for a Sanwa or Seimitsu, this is a non issue.


i bought one … i have had it for weeks no … i play hard …and i have no prob … i recommend it … perfect size … … tho i am gunna modded it

i only own the SE stick now…

i used to have TE and hori Ex2 as well… but have since sold them all off…

SE is the best… !!! of course i changed the joystick and buttons to sanwa !!! perfect once that is done !!!

buy new buttons and JLF… and the stick will rock

Yeah like the rest of them said i’d definitely change the buttons and Joystick, if you decide to do one before the other, i’d replace the buttons first, they are some cheap and feel hollow, not very nice at all, I didn’t really mind the joystick too much but ended up replacing it anyway.

You are right about hard to get stick, but Gremlinsolutions have some custom sticks they will be taking pre-orders for this week, and they look pretty darn good, i’d say from the look it’s Siemutsu buttons and joystick, and i’m keeping an eye on it, hopefully it’s at a decent price and I’ll sell the SE or TE and get one of these instead…they look darn good.

Would it be cheaper to order the SE stick and seperate buttons or just a TE stick? I got $150 coming in next week and I’m wondering if I should save it or do something stupid and buy a stick.

Well if you are serious about fighting games in general I would recommend getting a stick. I myself bought a TE a few weeks ago and it was worth it.

I am, just the price of sticks is always high, and when I got to buy them other needs seem to crop up. Might just man up this time and buy it, deal with the consequences of my actions at a later date.

Did you order online or buy somewhere locally? Houston is an hour tops from me (If I drive in the morning/afternoon traffic) and I’d rather do that then wait 7 or so days for a brown box to be thrown at my door.

I guess I was unlucky then with the first batch. Two of my buttons (one on each SE I bought for 360) went out before the sticks… but the sticks DID go out. Swapped parts out with Sanwa and have been happy and problem-free since.

My SE fightstick broke roughly 2 weeks after buying it. The buttons stop working or stick which ends in me doing completely different moves and in addition the joystick is not always responsive. I bought it around June 1st, so I’d say they are still the same quality as before, but like everyone said, you can replace the parts easy. I’m still waiting on my order. :frowning:

you need to replace the stick as well…

with shipping for 8 buttons and a jlf you are looking at about $60…

So before tax I hardly save anything, TE it is then, nice stick in any case. I’m sure I can mod that one much better at a later point. Thanks for the assistance.