Is the SE SF4 arcade stick compatible with mac?


I didn’t see a thread about this topic anywhere so if there is one like this I apologize in advance.

I got the great idea of downloading SSF4:AE from steam today. Before I do all that I was wondering how If I can use my SE arcade stick for it. It’s for the PS3. What other arcade sticks are good for the PC too? Thanks!


Most Hori PS3 version sticks work great on PC, macs included, because they operate as a Human Interface Device, like a mouse, which works with all PCs on all OS with all Chipsets, and don’t require drivers, they’re simple plug and play. The Madcatz Chun Li TE-S is also like this. The normal TEs and SEs are not like this, they’re picky on what chipsets they work on. Most customs with PS3 functionality (which usually use a Cthulhu or ChImp, which do the same thing) will work, too.

I think if you download the drivers, from here, your SE should work. I was able to get an official Sony PS3 controller to work wirelessly over bluetooth using those drivers.