Is the SE sticks good too?

Ive been thinking of getting a SE stick if i ever found one because it’s more likely to be found than a TE.

Unless people still want SE stick just as bad, then im SOL either way.

Question is though is the SE still a decent one?

The SE stick is great as a base if it’s all you can find. I bought one modded it, sold it and am picking up another one now. It’s a cheaper route than the TE if you favor Seimitsu parts. The stock stick and buttons aren’t too hot, but they’re intended to be swapped.

I have a SE… haven’t modded yet (can’t get parts for another 2 weeks), but I play the crap outa it.

While I wish there was a way I could fit Happ style buttons in it, I’ve learned I now prefer square gates.

Happ buttons lack like a quarter of an inch to fit in the case. If you dremeled off the top/ground tab and soldered directly to the button it might fit. I’d recommend Seimitsu buttons if you’re not feeling the stock or Sanwas. They feel similar to Happ convex.

SE’s arent too bad on their own…but alot of people are comparing them to the wrong things…giving them a even worser rep…I would gladly use a SE over a Hori-Ex2 or Fightstick anyday…

its like them comparing a Hyundai Car vs Porche 911 turbo …both till take you from point A-to-B …its just a matter of luxury/craftsmanship :stuck_out_tongue:

^^ this man

good swap stick could use a little more weight tends to shift around allot more than TE when on desk top

but it is mod freindly

Yeah, the SE was actually much heavier than I expected. I’m sure the TE is heavier. I was expecting it to be a cheap little plastic case, but there’s a good weight to it.

yeah man they are, i got 2 of them, it works fine, 1 of them is brand new for ps3 i have it on ebay for say buy it now plus free new sf4 09 calender my ebay names is tonyonthemoon too let me know ill send u the link

but then why are we hearing so many people complain about defects and washers? I’m about to pick up one tonight locally but I keep hearing of so many issues with them!

The new batch had that rectified.

because most people that don’t have problems don’t just make threads to talk about how bug-free it is and how it isn’t broken. Most people that post about their SE are people that have actual problems so it just seems like most of them have the issues! =]