Is the SF Alpha book available yet?

Tips and Tricks said it was available…what’s the word from Udon?

Questions like this are better suited to this thread I feel -

Even though most of the time I only know for sure the Saturday prior if the book is coming out that week… though yeah always keep an eye on it for when Studio Udon books are coming out.

But no, the book’s not out yet. I love Tips & Tricks (magazine with no game reviews, heck yeah game reviews blow IMHO) but they tend to announce comics earlier than they actually arrive. In the same issue they announce that Rival Schools issue #4 is out and that’s not true either. Though since magazines are usually made up a month in advance or so before they hits the stands the information is not always up to date. The same issue on page 31 also lists Devil May Cry 3 as only coming out for the PS3 and we know that isn’t true anymore… :sweat: