Is the SF tourney scene ready to take it to the next level?

I laughed hard in real life cos of that!

How this divides the player base is rather clear. Many tournament organizers are working hard to make it so the idea of the off season is a thing of the past. You’re also proposing a tournament format that would also do just that; separate the tournament scene into league play. One of the defining principals of Street Fighter tournament play is that anyone can walk off the street and challenge the best in the world. Your format makes that a thing of the past, which directly discourages competition.

Lastly, online tournaments are simply not a viable option for anything “pro” level. Godsgarden is fun and all, but you can bet the players would all rather be at a game center.

Your format might work for Halo. You ideas might be relevant to a game scene without an existing tournament culture. For the same reason MLG doesn’t have anything to offer the fighting game community, this proposal isn’t a winner.

People sure do like making these e-sports threads. Sounds awful to me. The community will grow into its own entity with time, no need to try and force change where it’s unnecessary.

Someday I’m going to open an amusement park or travelling carnival. :party:

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Most are against any type of divide between pros and joes.

If you have the money and courage to show up, you deserve a slot in the bracket.

We want to encourage more people to show up to play not limit who can play. That’s what invitationals are for.

No, the reason why people care about EVO is it’s an open event, that means if you’re good enough you can enter and win.

What invitational events and leagues do is assume that they -know- who the best players are, and them market them. While this allows them to amass more views it’s generally at the expense of the viewers, because with the random factors are gone, you don’t know who the best player is, just who beat all the guys they invited.

What keeps tournaments ‘legit’ in the eyes of the community is that they’re run BY the community FOR the community and anyone can enter. There’s no “You need platinum rating to enter” or “You need at least 2000 Player points”. Sitdown, shut up, and play; because the only thing that’s getting you anywhere is whether or not you can beat the guy next to you.

If I were a cynnical paranoid man I’d say it’s a series of plants from ‘big gaming’ corps like MLG testing the waters. But it’s more likely because the League of Legends and Starcraft seasons are renewing soon and a whole lot of people who don’t know any better are going “Man I’d like to play games for money / get a cut of people playing games for money!”

Even in Golf, the majority of ‘Pro’ players never make a profit, the associated costs and lack of sponsers for a smalltime golfer make it a money sink. They just do it because they love to.

It’s the same for pro gamers, even amoung the revenue positive gamers, there’s maybe a handful who actually make enough off of it to support themselves.

Exactly. You want to be the best? Then ******* earn it.