Is the SF2 AE stick worth buying?


There is a store in that sells the SF2 AE stick for $65(I am buying a converter for the pc as well), is in good condition(still in the box) is it worth buying?

I heard that its not really happ controls and it weres out fast.


If you mean the SF 15th Anniversary Stick, then that’s not a bad price and it’s easily modded with Happ/iL Stick/Buttons for like 20 bucks.

The stock parts aren’t so hot, so upgrading is a must! (I own two myself, and modded a PS3-Wireless one for my brother earlier this month)

My two SFAC sticks.

The wireless PS3 stick for my brother.


There was also a special edition happ parts SF2 AE stick. But is most likely that is the one that doesn’t have happ parts.


I would, classic NA feel


i have one of these and i tried to get it running with mame via my ps2 --> USB adapter but ive had some problems getting it to register

anyone else have a similar problem?