Is the SFAC stick worth buying?



Got a chance to grab 2 of these at a good price…are they worth buying? I’ve got a PS3 TE stick on pre-order, due to arrive in June but I wanted to grab these in the mean time. Price is around $160 AUD. I’ve heard these are a hit and miss with converters, and it may or may not work. I don’t want to end up buying these only to find they don’t work, after I’ve shelled out 160 plus extra for an adapter.


I assume you’re talking about the Street Fighter Anniversary stick that looks like it has happ controls and works with the ps2/xbox 1. If so, I have one and it worked okay with the two converters I tried. The stock stick definitely sucks though. I’d advise throwing a IL or HAPP in there and some happ buttons at the minimum if you want to really improve your play. The converter I used is the one that has 2 usb ports and was originally made for using guncon 1’s in guncon 2 games (there’s a switch for controllers). That one had no lag, but a generic one at my friend’s house did. To be fair, converter lag is another topic.

To add a little, that other topic is the converter topic. Make sure to check that out to confirm what additional costs you’re in for.


Achemm… Noo It doesn’t have Happ controls, it has some knock off FUNKy buttons. The stick is FINE, but not of quality either. Then again I’ve taken apart a happ competition stick, and found the design terrible, since upon rotation, the square nob MAY get caught on the sides"NOT COOL"

Don’t give me, But you’re not suppose to rotate the stick, “IT HAPPENS”

THE BOARD however is nice, but not worth 160aud each, if you Ment 2 for 160, it’s STILL NOT worth it.

Since you’re paying for a controller in a wood box, clunky, not very portable, and NOT heavy enough for it’s own good.


We got a decent thread on these here

Worth buying if you want to mod it for happ stuff. I love my mod on these cases, with my USB wire i can roll it up in the bottom trap door. Plus with all the mod guys on the forum being booked up for better cases, its the next best thing.


I probably would not bother with an anniversary stick, some of them have issues with ps3 converters. Also the stock parts that come in them are cheap happ knock offs. It is fairly easy to switch them out with real happ parts though.


Thanks guys…I’ll probably give them a miss. Thought maybe it was a bargain at 160 for 2 sticks (thats aussie dollars remember…everything is much more expensive here. TE stick is around $300 AUD) but it looks like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I’ll just build my own.


i had a pair of them when they were released. modded one with happ parts, think my wife gave them to goodwill a few years ago or they disappeared into the unknown.

can’t say that i truly miss either stick to be honest. the stock stick sucks. the modded was a giant improvement but probably not worth the hassle now.


2 sticks for 160 AUS, or roughly $112 US? I’d jump all over that, personally. Aside from converter compatibility, I can’t see any downside, especially since happ/iL parts are pretty cheap for modding (I know I could get a Competition stick and 6 concave buttons for less than $20 US).


it’s a great case. nice and sturdy, plenty of room and it has a compartment for your cord. If I was a fan of American parts, 120 for a happ stick with a cthulu board would be a pretty good deal.


yeah I guess my only worry is that they won’t work on my ps3…if they don’t, there goes $160 down the shitter. Plus everyone seems to rate Sanwas as the best parts available so I really want to use a Sanwa stick.


Meh even with a converter on mine it seemed to still lag a bit. Ever since i put the $45 MC Cthulhu board in one, its been a dream stick. I would snag those two just for the cases alone, buy some happ parts or sanwa, get a Cthulhu board and you will have a nice stick.

I have mine sitting on a $14 metal frame stand from home depot, and its perfect hight while sitting on my chair. With the case being so big, its like i have a small arcade stand in front of me.


but don’t forget that most of the people saying sanwa is better are shameless japanese dick riders that have also managed to convince themselves that 3s is a good game. so when you subtract those guys really player preference is about even. :rofl:

anyways, if you have a friend with an american stick or access to an arcade with happ parts you owe it to yourself to check it out because if you end up preferring american sticks that SF anniversary stick is a good deal. My first stick was a SF anniversary stick that I modded with happ parts. Although I moved on to sanwa because I am an exclusive lap player I miss the little guy. :sad:


Honesly, mod those joints with Happ/iL parts and you can legitimately sell them if you don’t like them for twice what you paid for them. And worst case, if they don’t work with converters, pop in a cthulhu.

Sanwa parts aren’t necessarily better. One reason they’re favored is because they fit in smaller cases. A lot of people swear by Happ/iL parts. It’s all about preference.


i actually felt the buttons were pretty responsive…


Damn that’s an awesome deal, if you dont want it will the guy ship it to the US? Out of all the cases i own SFAC is the best case for me…
I own TE, RedOctane, T5, Hrap, Mayflash, EX2, etc…The only thing better is an arcade cab…


I never said this stick had Happ parts; I said mine did because I replaced them. It’s a very cheap replacement that can be done with a crimper and no soldering. If you check the converter thread, you can make sure that you’ll be able to get a converter with no lag.

That said, if you want Sanwa, you may want to pass. It’s possible to fit a Sanwa properly in here, but I haven’t seen anyone do it without using a router or similar tool.

For what it’s worth, IL’s are supposed to be better than Happ for sticks (they made most of the Happ’s back in the arcade days for most Americans), but I have a Happ, and I’ve never experienced the stick to the side issue.

The default stick looks like a Happ, but it’s a Chinese stick with massive leaf springs. You really have to dig the corners out a lot compared to anything else to get moves off. I’d recommend changing the buttons too. The default ones aren’t nearly as bad as the stick, but happ buttons are some of the springiest and responsive pushbuttons around. It’s definitely worth the upgrade. Google says 80 australian bucks is about 56 us dollars. I’ve seen these sell for $50-70 US un-modded, and over $80-110 modded recently. I don’t think your re-sale value will go down much either, since most of the current craze seems to center around the japanese parts.


Yeah, I can’t find one these for less than $100 anymore. It’s still my favorite after having played on both a Sanwa and Seimitsu stick.


lol sh!t man, why do you have so many sticks?


I want to get one or two of these, so I can have a Happ parts stick for nostalgia and so my kids can beat the hell out of them instead of my Sanwa sticks.


Damn man, I dunno what to do now. I got a day to decide lol. You guys are making me wanna buy them now. On one hand, I don’t really wanna spend 160, possibly more and then 35 for shipping, and then more for Happ parts, then converter, then if converter don’t work buy a Cthulhu board, then spend time modding them…just seems like more of a hassle than it’s worth. Plus I got a TE stick on pre-order…seems kind of pointless to own 2 sticks. But on the other hand, I don’t wanna let it go and possibly regret it at some point down the track. I’m also not sure about these American bat top joysticks…in Australia we use the ball top ones, so that’s what I’m used to. I’ve used the bat tops before and never really liked them.