Is the Street Fighter movie worth watching?


you know the one with van damme as guile. I’ve never seen it and was wondering if it’s worth my time?




with Sagat as a businessman
Dee jay as a fast foot foot soldier
Chun Li as a newsreporter
Balrog and E Honda as friends and reporters too
Ryu was … meh
Ken was not ken
Only Vega was still a matador fighter with claw.
Zangief was bison’s general
Cammy was Guiles lacky
Blanka was changed by bison in a chamber

DUDE I watched the movie like 15 years ago and it still haunts me, PLEASE RUN while you still can. Watch Street Fighter II “the animated movie” that is by far the best




It’s not like it’d cost that many Bison dollars (if any) to watch it.


Street Fighter: The Movie should be required viewing for any Street Fighter fan


The Street Fighter movie is amazing for all the wrong reasons.


watch it. it’s great. now someone get carpet lint in here. he can explain the greatness of this movie better than i can


hell yes. its fun, campy, and has van damme. there’s some pretty memorable dialog in it too :rofl:


It’s really cheesy, but hey, it’s a Van Damme movie, what would you expect? Still, it’s probably worth 2 hours of your life.


Only reason to watch it


The movie is just amazing for all the wrong reasons.

Most hilarious movie ever


Because BISON!!!


Just watch it this tuesday :slight_smile:

I love the little touches in Bison’s lair. The fact that he has a leisure hat to go with his bison style bathrobe


Double Dragon is even worse, though to its credit it had lower budget and Dacascos and Alissa Milano.

Also the SNK game based on the movie is much better than the SF equivalent.

Now they should have made also an AOF movie, starring S.Seagal as Robert Garcia




Watch, plz. It’s the introduction to becoming a contributing member of SRK.


I can’t believe this is even a question. Just do it. Your life will be richer for having watched it.

Somebody get that Carpet Lint turd in here to back me up.


At the very least you’ll understand a lot of the in jokes here after having watched it.

It’s worth watching in the same way a lot of terrible old movies are worth watching.



You know it’s wrong but you still want it :rofl: