Is the Tekken 6 Arcade Stick decent enough?

Hey guys, I was wondering, do you think that the Tekken 6 arcade stick that came with the special edition of it is a decent enough stick for fighting games? I got it a while ago and am seriously considering trying to get good, so is this stick good enough to put me ahead of the game or should I shell out 200 bucks for A SF4 Championship one? (which I really would rather not do)

I dont reall use sticks but Im looking to get one soon but Ive heard bad things about the Tekken stick.


Wireless sticks suck for competitive play.

I use 2 T6 sticks on my arcade cab. It works very nice! I never had something like input lagg or something, allways responded good. Of course this is my opinion.

As K3lloggz allready said, i also heard bad things about the T6 stick but i had never issues with it. And in could get me second stick new in box for just €20 in The Netherlands. That maked the choice not so hard :slight_smile:

I would say do it :slight_smile:

IMO hori parts are hori-ble. the stick itself is stiff and the buttons feel like unresponsive happ imitations.

Stick sucks. Friend bought it when Tekken 6 came out for consoles. Wireless sticks means theres always some input laga dn as for the stick itself well, it felt like a toy to put it bluntly. Not a fightstick. Go with something else.

Well, i think you have to consider the quality and the price. Like i said i like them. But i bought them for $60 and $20. And for that price the tekken stick is very good i think.

In my opinion you cant realy compare a low price stick with an stick with a like $200 price tag. Its just the price you can get it for. If you can get the bundle for like under $60 its worth it i think. Is it more expensive, look for something else :wink:

If you really can’t afford much you are much better off saving the $20 or whatever this stick goes for now and put it towards a brawlstick. This stick is really bad, it’s not worth paying for.

If you don’t mind a button breaking within a year or two then It might be okay.

I agree! I have one but I bought it for $hitz & giggles b/c I was curious how bad it was. There are only 2 good things about this stick…1) It’s wireless & 2) battery life’s pretty long. I let the button mashers use this stick, LOL! Next step up would be the WWE Brawlstick for ~$60. FWIW, you can get a used TE for $80 - $100 & a Hori Real Arcade Pro V3-SA for ~$100.