Is the Tekken 6 stick any reliable?

I wanna buy it to play Street Fighter but i’m not sure if it’s any good. I get mixed reviews. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I picked up two when it was first launched, still works fine. I just recently modded it too. I’m happy with it for the price.

I have one for the 360. I switched out the buttons and stick, so I’m not sure how long they would have lasted. I’ve seen people complain about them breaking, but I had no problems b/f the switch. The buttons are kinda crap, though, so you may want to replace them. I bought mine several months ago as my first stick for fighting games and I still use it all the time, though I have a couple more sticks now. If you aren’t sure about sticks and you can get the 360 one for $30-$40, go for it, but it’s kinda hard to mod later if you want to (discussion for another thread).

Oh, I haven’t used the PS3 one, but I’ve seen many reviews saying it is less reliable, the dongle can be an issue, and modding it is made harder by the set-up in that one (goes from “need some tools” on the 360 to “son of a bitch!” on the PS3).

The wireless one? It probably will do you more bad than good. Dropped inputs are annoying and add that towards online play and you have trouble. The stock Hori parts are still crap to me anyway. Just upgrade to a Brawl stick. Much better joystick and buttons, and it’s easy as hell to mod.

360 arcade stick has no input lag at all to my knowledge - it’s my first stick so I guess I wouldn’t notice a milisecond lost but it uses the same tech as the 360 wireless controllers and I’ve never had lag with them
the buttons and stick are basic and cheap but again for a cheap stick it’s good - and you could just as easily swap the stick and the buttons you buy seperate (I saw a thread on here specifically aimed at modding this stick too)
I quite like it.

That’s pretty unlikely. Even if you think there is no input lag, there is no guarantee when a link is missed to a slight inconsistency. And “easy” shouldn’t be aimed at people with no soldering experience. It is unavoidable if you decide to mod the buttons. The Brawl Stick is still $60 dollars at Gamestop, so to save money for it seems like a good idea.

Like I said I dunno about the wireless bit but I’ve noticed nothing so far. It’s easy for me 'cos I work in an electronics store and know people who can solder, so I guess I said it assuming everyone’s in the same situation - but there’s plenty of guides online (including this forum), just desoldering and resoldering connections…
But if the brawl stick is so much better then yeah save up that little bit more (I’m also in the UK, cheap arcade sticks are hard to find 'scept I managed to get the tekken stick for £24)

i have 2 tekken 6 arcade sticks. they both have different problems. one has buttons that dont register sometimes and the other has buttons that register when pressing other buttons. Does anyone know how to fix this without opening it up or modding it?

ps3 or 360?

360 on both

I haven’t had that sort of trouble with mine and I don’t know enough to try and diagnose it. If it were mine, (after searching on here and reading a lot) I’d probably take off the bottom and (gently) make sure all the wires are connected properly. Most of what can come loose on this is harnesses that can be plugged back in. A joint may be soldered badly, and that would be harder to fix. Inspect the wiring and the solder points to make sure everything seems to be connected the way it’s supposed to be. Honestly, though, I doubt that’s going to be the root of your problem. It may be a problem on the pcb, and that’s completely out of my depth.
If you can take it back and get a replacement, do that first. Good luck!

I cant take them back because i had them for a while. So the only way to fix it is modding?

It is a…decent stick for say a friend comes over and you both want to play but youre down a stick. The buttons are really cheesy feeling tho and the stick looks and feels kinda like…a toy really. I havent tried modding it but if you can then Id say go right ahead, because the price is really cheap. I wouldnt feel comfortable using a wireless stick in a tourney or any matches I care about, though.