Is the Tekken 6 stick worth getting?

It’s realitivly cheap seeing as I’m getting T6 and I kind of want the art book, but I already have a SF4 stick. - Buy Tekken 6 with Wireless Fight Stick - Xbox 360
Any specs or opinions?

Sticks not really great but if its cheap and you can pick it up it is wireless and it does work for T6, seeing as the button layout is differently if you dont want to open up your SSFIV stick and move the buttons around its worth the get i mean its not bad its like any hori product an okay stick and totally shit buttons but there pretty reliable for a while and when it dies you can mod it so its a up/down type of thing but i say its worth getting but not for the price your going to be paying my, my, dont get it from gamestop you can get the same stick but wired cheaper atleast i think so dont quote me on the price at all cause i can’t remember someone else might fill me in

thanks for the input

Only unless you’re willing or savvy enough to mod it. Otherwise, it’s a pretty unfulfilled stick :xeye: