Is the "There something wrong with my stick , i need ten minutes to cool down my winning adversary"


was watching the west coast curly mustache event of yipes, Think i seen this from ricky at ECT and Filipino champ when he was losing and Dois x was point match…is this gonna be a new trend…

Im losing, i gotta cool this mofo off, im a pretend my stick dont work and have to hunt for a new one for 5-to 10 minutes,is this a new trend… or just a emo fgtv ,i gotta cool this mofo down he beating my ass thing,

Every time i see flip play ,when he loses he rips out his cord so he makes sure his lose will never be a justin diago parry video moment by making the game freeze with reconnect your controller alerts


Is there a point to be made in this random collection of words?


Dont know? Wondering if this is gonna catch on as im starting to see it often,People pretending there stick dont work to hold up tourneys and try and play some psychological shit, kinda like watching soccer and all the guys tapped act like they were hit by a truck,

should there not be some rule they got 120 seconds to find a stick or a automatic DQ, What are the official rules on The “my stick wont work” pretend shit, is there some universal tourney rule for this


FWIW, there’s an official Evo policy on this:


Get Your Tournament dude has kept track of the time in between matches for various tournaments. His data showed that in most matches where there was a break it tended to favor the winner.

So the answer seems to be no. But you know there are sample problems and all sorts of other stuff. Would be a fun study if you could get hella people timing the break in between matches and results.


I see>>A player may opt to switch out equipment between Games at no penalty. When this occurs, the player will be given ample time to configure his buttons before the next Game begins.

so basically they are just gaming the system, by using its own rules…its legit, its a hype killer, i just wish they were better actors so it would not be so cringe worthy to watch


People have been doing this for years…it is funny though.


In Curleh Mustache 4, F.Champ vs Dios, F.Champ waited till he won 2 games to make it 3-3 before he switched so its not like Dios was on a streak. But Dios did get mindfucked and picked Storm on the most important game where he could have won the tournament if he was using Wolverine.


“Coulda - Shoulda - Woulda”

Its not like he flipped off the stream camera showing the start button he pushed on the front of an EightArc model, which he’s done before.

Found and Read the EVO rules before. If you don’t find a new stick that works out, you have to go back to the broken equipment and do your best with what you have seems more important than if you think they’re biding/buying time. And it may not affect many people with plenty of sticks available now to go around between friends and many times not-friends too. Should there be some, switch sticks only so many times rule too?

Do have to be careful when en-stating new rules.

Oh, and the players should worry more about winning than killing hype for others. Even if some big money exhibition, watch watch mountain dew watch -look he’s changing sticks -what a jerk -he did this before I saw it! -he changes sticks a lot -why is he changing sticks -cheatin’