Is the tournament edition way better than a modded standard fightstick (Sanwa parts)?


Hi, I have a modded standard madcatz fightstick and i would like to know if the tournament edition is way better than this. If yes than why? Also, what is the best retail stick available currently (tournament edition?, hori one?)?

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that doesn’t answer my question…


I have both and prefer the modded SE. It fits better on your lap, is the same for table top play, has a better curve for your palm at the front, same spacing as the TE and much easier to transport.

All it’s missing is the dodgy cable storage flap and the easy custom art changes.


and even at not being easy, they aren’t really that hard.


True, but you can’t really pop a plexi on top.


hardest part is getting all that gunk off.


TE has the better case which makes all the difference in a stick. Also has a larger surface which is more comfortable to play on. The slant on the SE actually fatigues your wrists faster if you actually are playing a long tournament.


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the only difference is the case. and it’s not even that big of a deal.

this is not true. i played with a stock se at evo and i was fine.

i play with a te at home and i don’t even notice that big of a difference when i play with my te and my stock se.


I have a TE and FS, but I prefer the TE reason being a larger case and more room to work with. But from what I see its all personnel preference. One thing though is hopefully your fight stick is modded with better parts though.


I disagree with this.

I’ve been using a stock EX2 for a while now. Went over a friends house with another friend - both had TEs. The buttons are nice…and the weight is sexy, but for ‘lap play’? Its horrible. The buttons are ‘in the middle’ of the stick which is fine, but when your talking something with that much size, its just plain uncomfortable to play with on your lap. Standing up? It prolly rocks then…but thats not realistic IMO. In general its a preference thing. I wish I could take the EX2 - and make it wider and heavier, but leave the depth alone (I might do this with some wood work, we’ll see), the TE, while it has tons of great features and ideas, just isn’t for everyone comfort wise.

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I’m the opposite. The EX2 is too small for my lap, and have to close my legs uncomfortably for it to to be stable. I have to squeeze my junk. I need something big and heavy on my lap so I don’t need to have my palms touching the stick to hold it down. Since everybody holds a stick differently the proper stick for you all depends on preference.

Also have acrylic products for customizing your TE, while the SE, because of the slant on the top panel has none.


Having both a Sanwa modded SE and TE stick, I didn’t notice anything different gameplay-wise. You’ll get the same precision and same overall feel while gaming.

“i would like to know if the tournament edition is WAY better than this”

“Way” better? I wouldn’t go that far. Personally, I prefer the larger size and weight of the TE for both putting on a table/tray in front of me, or even on my lap. I think I’d prefer the SE for longer sessions if it were to stay on my lap. Overall, after hours on both, I get pretty much the same results. The same combos come out, the same feel is there, the same wins/losses are had. I’m not complaining about “only if I had better parts in this I’d do better!”

Here are probably the reasons you would consider using one or the other. Whether this affects your gameplay or not is purely speculative. Yes, one comfort might give you a slight edge and affect your decisions, but that’s where preference comes into play:

Portability? Well, I do love the TE for having the cable storage option, so it’s nice and clean. However, I’d say that the SE is better for an on-the-go option, being much smaller and lighter. For this reason, I take the SE with me when I’m about to throw down at someone else’s place. Takes up much less room in a backpack as well.

Aesthetically? I like the TE’s wider design. Sometimes it feels like my left hand slides off the side of the SE in some respects when I hold the stick, whereas the TE my hand feels nice and comfortable resting. In both cases, my hands rest in the middle of the stick, so both feel just fine when playing on a table or my lap. I’m not a big fan of the slant on the SE, especially if it’s on my lap. I’d rather my palms rest on a flat/level surface to the buttons I’m pressing. FYI, when putting the two next to each other, it seems/feels like the SE is about 80% the size of the TE.

Cleanliness? The TE hands down. If you’re neat-freak (or even partially), then the TE is the way to go. Once you’re done gaming, just unplug the cord, store it in the hatch, and rest the TE somewhere and it looks clean next to your components. With the SE - and almost every other joystick out there - you probably wrap the cord around the peripheral. That seems almost archaic to me, especially in an age of cordless controllers being the new standard.

My personal choice? Overall I’d have to go with the TE. The size of it just feels more comfortable to me. I don’t think I pull off any better combos when using it, nor do I feel it ups my game “that much more.” But since I am more comfortable using the TE, I probably play slightly better. You probably couldn’t tell if you saw me play though.

Just comes down to comfort :slight_smile:


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I lovethe weight and size of the TE…but thats it, the location of the buttons just blows for lap play…the troller is so TALL that the stick itself feels too short.


Everyone else loves it and its for thecommunity so I’m not hatin on it, just not m cup of coffee.

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It’s just a matter of personal preference at that point, nothing more. I like the bigger, heavier TE base & the cable storage compartment. More room on the left & bottom to rest my hands also. It’d be best to simply handle 1 yourself & see but if that’s not possible without buying & you’re happy with the SE by all means stick with it.