Is the variance challenge do-able with Dan?

You guys have probably seen the front page but ;

Looks pretty tough! Id love to see if an experinced Saikyo-Ryuu user could complete this challenge with Dan.

Lets see…

j.HK > cl.MP > LP Gadoken > FADC > c.MK > HP Gadoken > FADC > cl.LP > c.LK > c.LP > s.LP > s.LK

That’s 10, barely. Assuming we’re counting different strengths of fireballs. :wink: One of the responses counted Sakura doing two strengths of Shouokens, so you might get away with that.

Alternately, make one of the FADCs an actual crumple, that’ll count as the 10th move.

Eh. His Super alone will do it. They are counting multi hit moves as separate “moves”. Making this challenge stupid and lame or the people vetting the submissions lazy and stupid.

There is a Gen “solution” that is FA x Hp (first hit canceled into) EX DP KICK MOVE thing…

Hm maybe Ill try Xiahou Mao, however different strength gadous do not count. And they changed the rules pattybenpatty, multi hit moves count as one hit, example Dan’s counts as 1 hit. Super would only count as one.

That was what I assume the rules to be until I clicked on 3 different “solution” videos at random and all of them were seriously weak.

All versions of Gadouken count as one! So no that doesn’t do it, Super doesn’t either that counts as one. Fei’s Rekka counts as 3 because you hit punch button 3 times, same with Sakura’s Otoshi.

Sakura can do it quite easily because of Otoshi :stuck_out_tongue: j.HK > c.LK > c.LP > c.MP xx Hadouken EX Focus Cancel > s.LK xx EX Shunpuu > Otoshi (x3)

if they do count, they shouldnt. I remember him saying that those no longer counted or something.

yeah, dan can do it pretty easily. i’m trying to look at something prettier with character specific links or setups…but i’m no maj, lol