Is the XCM Cross Battle Adapter 2.0 any good?

I have 2 xbox 360 pdp mk sticks and 2 xbox 360 TE’s. I can’t afford to get ps3 sticks for tournament play as well, so I was hoping this adapter was the answer to my prayers.

Is the current rendition really lag free and mk9 and ssf4 compatible?

360>PS3 is reported pretty laggy. Should best Dual mod the SSF4 sticks, but the PDP MK sticks are Not Common Ground, so you can’t dual mod without removing the PCB. But the PDP PCB is what holds some of the buttons in (Start, Select, Guide), so you have to replace those if you want Dual Mod.

Yeah I saw those, but the new rumble one is getting mixed reviews, with most folks giving it good reviews. So, I was hoping someone tried the new one to see if it improved on the old design.