Is there a 6 button fightpad with 2 right triggers for ps3?

I would get the madcatz fightpad only if it had 2 right triggers instead of 1. Anyone know there is a 6 button fightpad with 2 triggers? Thanks


Is there a specific reason it needs two RTs?
is there a reason it can’t be mapped in software?
I don’t think you’re going to find a retail pad like that…

Padhack the Horipad EX2 Turbo?
It’s the only controller I know with 6 face buttons and 4 shoulder buttons.

Well I’m a bison pad player and I hardly ever use the 2 left triggers because I use my left solely for movement while my right hand does the all button pressing. I currently use the saitek cyborg (Saitek PS2700 Rumble Pad Game pad - 11 button - Game console, PC) I love it but I just wish it had a 6 button layout with the 2 right triggers =\

@syn13: Thats legit except I wish it had dpad layout like the ps3 does but Thanks for the help, I appreciate it =]

Hori Fighting Commander 3 has 4 shoulder buttons (unfortunately they’re mapped like they would be on a normal controller).

Thanks for the help Nobus! It seems like the dpad look pretty weak though. hmmm

:wonder:I got the Hori Fighting Commander 3 yesterday. The D-Pad is not weak at all its pretty good. I put a thin little piece of card board behind it though to make a little more sensitive (i Stole that little nugget from Inthuls facebook, i used a playing card). My issue is this…The Right 2 trigger buttons do the same exact thing as R1 and R2 which is hard punch hard kick on default seetings…so in essense you have 2 R1 and 2 R2 buttons. Now for me…I need to have those tripple buttons mapped to the top so I can do TAP and easily do ultras and my EX loops with Rog. I need to dual mod this and to see if anyone knows how to Swap the Left triggers for the Right ones…:wonder:

AS BGL says not weak at all. If there are any criticisms to be had it’s the poorly thought out triggers (which can be hacked) and that IMO it’s kind of light (due to a lack of a battery).

I believe Gummowned has a tutorial on all the wiring shenanigans that one can do to the Fighting Commander 3.

Why would you need triggers once you have 6 face buttons?

Yes I do, but it is in my head.
I’ve done both dual mod and button swap for that pad.

Button swap is pretty easy, but does involve cutting traces.

The hori fighting commander 3 is the only 6 button, 4 triggered ps3 pad I’ve seen.