Is there a better term than "eSports"?


Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. I know this subject has already been talked about, but I just wrote a post about the term eSports, and the whole quagmire that we keep calling competitive gaming a sport. It’s on my blog, and I wanted some opinions from the FGC. For some reason, I’ve always considered FGC different than eSports. Maybe because I feel like it’s more of a tightly knit community, where almost all of the spectators are also participants, whereas spectators of eSports like LoL or SC2 might not play at all, they just watch. Anyway, you can find the article over at:

Feel free to post opinions here or in the comment section. What is your term of choice for eSports, and for the players themselves? How do you feel FGC differs, or is the same as the rest of the competitive gaming world?

P.S. I have just discovered my love for fighting games, so I’m a total newb to this world. :slight_smile:


Yes there is. It’s Videogames.




I hate the term eSports, but I admit that its pretty accurate at this point. Think of the Olympics - its a sporting event - all sports of all types - from the popular to the obscure - are all rolled up and lit there…while being called ‘sports’. So I don’t see a reason to separate the FGC. The FGC ISN’T any different IMO from other groups, except that due to our smaller start than say SC, we are a bit more ‘tighter’, but we function pretty similar. Even with regards to spectators. Combo vids are nothing but trick shots in Halo/CoD. Tourny footage is tourny footage. We all have our customized weapons of choice. We all still meet up to challenge and prepare. The other communities - due in part to size have more leagues, but all in all - its still the same.

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My term for “esports” and the players themselves are Videogames and Competitive Videogame players.


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I don’t mind the term esports, most of the people complaining fall into two camps, have never/do very to anything that resembles sport or people whose knowledge of videogames doesn’t extend beyond Angry Birds.

"an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc. "

Do gaming participantes show traits of athleticism e.g eye to hand co-ordination and strategy. CHECK
Does gaming participantes show skill? CHECK
Does gaming a competitive nature CHECK
Are videogame games considered electronic entertainment? CHECK

The term eSports is perfectly fine.


Competitive Gaming.



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