Is there a better version of PS2 controller for making a stick?


Someone told me that there are several versions of the official ps2 dual shock controller and that one model in particular is better for making arcade sticks, cause it gives quicker response when pressing the buttons on the arcade stick. I remember you look on the back of the controller and where it says SCPH- it will read a"G" or maybe a “H” depending on the model of the controller. These letters are probably different then the actual correct models, I am just giving an example cause I don’t know whitch controller I need to look for. Does anyone know if one model is indeed better? Or does it not really matter?


I would suggest you to use the PS1 controller.

The SONY official one works fine with PS2, and PS3/PC with an adapter.

Its PCB is pretty small, fits perfectly in a project box and no need to bother with the analog pads issue.


PS2 Dual SHock Version A with the patent numbers in VERY small print thats the earlier version. Keep the ribbon in and do a solder less mod or solder but keep the ribbon in. and your set i wired one up to my HRAP 2SA when my hraps pcb couldnt work with my adapters for TvC wii.


A nice thing about the PlayStation is the controllers are not problematic like many other systems.

I have used many generic PS2 controller pcbs and have had no performance problems with them in any way. Soldering can also be more easy with a generic pcb.