Is there a cat5 cable adaptor

I have dsl, and have a Linksys router, but it only has an in port that supports a cat5 (the fat plug) cable. The port from the wall is a standard telephone cable…is there some sort of attachment I can plug the phone-size line into, then plug that into the router?

Since the cat-5 is 8 pin, you cannot adapt that directly to a 6 (or less) pin telephone jack.

The DSL company typically provides you with a DSL modem, the DSL modem will have a CAT-5 output, which you can then connect to your router.

They should have provided you with a DSL line filter that you will plug into the wall and then take a line from that into your modem.

The filters are also standard telephone jack size, while the dsl in jack on the router is cat5.

Right, so you need a DSL modem. That signal from the wall is not ethernet and you can’t just “adapt” it to the router with a different connector. It might even damage the router, for all I know. So, you need a DSL modem to take the wall signal and process it into an ethernet signal for the router (and log you in to the ISP). Yes, the filters should go on each phone in your place, but they output another 2- or 4-pin cable just like the wall jack.

There is a device (gateway) that combines a modem and a router in one box, but it would have a 2- or 4-pin jack that would fit, if that’s the case. The Linksys routers are not such combo units.

Oh…I see. Thanks. I was gonna do some low-tech hard-modding on that sucker before I read your post, Drexl. Thanks for the warning.

just in case it’s not clear, the DSL filters are for your phones, do not put one in the path of the dsl modem or you’ll be blocking your own internet.

When I had dsl filters, back when I had dsl, our filters had two ports, one for phone, and one for internet.