Is there a chance of a relationship between UDON and Marvel?


(This question is inspired by a post from SANO)

Sup Udoneko. As you know, Marvel VS. Capcom is one of the most amazing 2-D fighting games of our time.

UDON has been working with Marvel Comics for a while now (With Deadpool, Agent X, Sentinal, ect…). So… is there a chance of a X-Men/Strret Fighter mini??


Hehe … I just realized how much it must suck to be Charlie. He dies in every game so no matter which Marvel vs Capcom game gets turned into a comic book, Charlie loses.


Hey, I appreciate the dedication!

If something along these lines is the “mystery project” udon is working on, we probably won’t get an answer this early…

Don’t feel bad for Nash(Charlie), no matter how many times he’s killed, there’s never a corpse left leaving the hope that he may possibly return. It even happened in the US Comic! It was cool how they fake killed Nash a few times.

In the Marvel Series, he’s transformed into a robot, AKA agent Shadow, so he lives there. In MVC2 he’s the same old Nash, but there was a lot of time travel involved in MVC2 (especially with Ms. Tron who’s extremely far into the future and RYu wearing his white headband again) anyway.


No problem.

Now that I think about it, a X-Men/Street Fighter comic is highly possible. I mean, think about it, comics do crossovers all the friggin time. Plus, the game was really awesome/popular.

I hope thats what the secret is, cuz Im getting all pumped about it now.


What I do know is that years ago before the US SF Comic in an issue of Wizard, Joe Quesada was asked why the comic of X-Men vs. SF was never made. He said during the time Marvel was going through bankruptcy.

And last I heard, Marvel for some incredibly dumb Ass reason was not interested in doing a crossover with the US SF Comic People.

But maybe Udon finally got them boneheads running Marvel to change their minds? Here’s hoping.


i remember reading a post where udoneko said
something like he sees us coming up with ideas but stays quiet because most of the time their right.

…well udoneko hasn’t posted here yet so you guess is as good as mine!!!

p.s I can jus imagine how wolvie would look with the cool street fighter art.


The Vs games are cool & all that but I have to say making the X-Men Vs. Street Fighter game a comic would be how to go about killing it IMO, plot-wise the 2 wouldn’t go & I would hate to see the Street Fighters become a bunch of super heroes because that is not what they are.
I just think it’s a bad idea for the comics.


i think its a great idea! i doubt the characters in streetfighter would simply be reduced to heroes but then again alot of them already are. in the games their all fighting to oppose a great evil which is ezactly what drives heros.


Crossovers are never a good idea. They have to please fans of both teams, and considering the fact they also have a villain, it ends up as a crowded mess.


Crossovers can be good if they are done right, like the JLA/Avengers Crossover.

X-Men Vs. SF is an existing Game with a Storyline in place already.


Theres 100 bad crossovers for each good one.

Even “big” writers do bad crossovers. What makes you think Udon can do better? The writing in the SF comic?

Yeah, a stupid one.

Udon is having trouble with the SFers alone. Add the X-Men or the Marvel world, and it wont make any sense unless is a really long series.

And why do you people even want this, anyway? Because theres a game? Because you want to see Wolvie vs Ryu done by Udon? If this happens, itll take artists and writers from the SF comic for a while, something that really shouldnt happen, considering the first arc.

If its not done by Udon, what would be the point? Seeing Guile fight Spider-man then go “oh, i thought you were a bad guy”? :lol:


Not that i’m supporting the crossver idea, cuz Time_Stop is right about the general trend of crossovers being a horrible concept. But since when do Ryu or Akuma need an external reason to fight? I’m sure Wolvie would be down to go a few rounds.

There’s just too many characters i think. The only ones that would work would be stuff unrelated to the VS games cuz those all have wayyyy too many characters. Something like a story about Psylocke and Cammy, or Guile and Nick Fury (or i guess Wolverine), or Ken and Tony Stark.

I dunno, it might be cool to have Ken’s and Tony’s companies develop some crazy AI technology with Tony’s technical genius behind the project and with Ken as the perfect model/test for the design. Then someone interferes (Rolento) and the project data falls into the hands of one of Iron Man’s villains and they gotta find a way to shut it down. Maybe they could even introduce someone else to help fight it, like Zangief? He’s pretty buff, can take a lot of punishment, doesn’t fight anything LIKE Ken (who the design is based on) and is always down for a battle. Maybe Guile could be involved at some point too. Maybe they are developing this technology under a US government contract and Guile’s been put in charge of overseeing it since he is a pretty good judge for what’s a good fighter. But that’s about the cast limit. Anything past that and it would get waaaaay too overcrowded.

There are so many ways to go wrong though. It really sucks that every crossover comic feels the need to have a villain team-up too. Most of the time they don’t even match. If villains from each side absolutely must be used, at least they can stay in character and do their part. Like one of IM’s villains hiring Rolento for a lot of money to do some mission and then get out of the picture.

The lamest thing ever is the 4-page resolution where every hero fights every villain in some dark alley and all the ends are tied up simultaneously. In the story above, Ken/IM would maybe spot Rolento and fight for a bit. But Rolento would get whatever he was after and escape. Then once the data is in the hands of whoever hired him, Rolento would be out of the picture so that the story maintains its course instead of splitting off into tangents.

Anyway, just random ideas i guess : )
I let myself get carried away imaging it all together.
Also, i obviously don’t know too much about IM supporting cast so i’m sure the Marvel to Capcom ratio would have to be adjusted slightly.


We tried talking with Marvel before about a crossover. There are a lot of factors involved in this that has practically making this proposal impossible to proceed, at least at this very moment. So, for now, it does not seem likely that it will happen anytime soon.


Guile nor Spider-Man are in X-Men vs. SF, gosh darnit! No one said anything about MVC2.

It should be as close to the game as possible, and the story is very simple. Apocalypse kidnaps SFers and Mutants to absorb there energy.

Such a game obviously exists in it’s own universe.

There are no Animes, Comics, Manwas or anything on the Marvel Capcom Crossovers. Wouldn’t you like to see at least one interpretation? I suppose the answer is no.


Good Comic Book Crossovers

Superman and Muhamid Ali (It sounds funny, but this one is a classic from the sixties! Give it a read if you get the chance!)
X-Men and Teen Titans
Spawn and Batman (Image version)
Captain America and Batman
Marvel vs. DC
Spider-Man and Batman (Part 1, not Part 2)
Wildcats and X-Men
Gen 13 and Maxx
Young Justice and Spyboy


The Plot of X-Men vs. SF is loosely based on a story from the X-Men Animated Series where Apocalypse arranges to kidnap Mutants to steal there power so he could have enough energy to return to our dimension. Magneto decides to work for Apocalypse because he promises to resurrect his wife Magma. These episodes alone show that the story can work, as it’s one of the stronger episode story arcs in the Series.

Capcom even used X-Men that were main characters in the cartoon.

What was funny is that the SFers used were also main characters in SF2V! Except for Gouki, but as he was hidden in SF2V as he was hidden in X-Men vs. SF. Course, the game leans more towards the character’s SFZ appearances, and no one’s mad about that! At the time it came out, it was the perfect balance of both Animated Shows in a weird way.


Don’t forget the “vs Predator” and “vs Aliens” crossovers. For the most part, those have managed to be pretty good.


That Online Movie of Batman vs. Aliens vs. Predator was better than all of the Batman Movies put together.


In case you don’t know what Batman Movie I’m talking about, here’s a Link.

This Movie was made to teach Warner Brothers how to make a Batman Movie. Did they learn there lesson? WIth a Japanese Guy slated to play Ra’s Al Ghoul and Halle Berry set to play Catwoman i strongly doubt it.

Not only does this Movie prove that a Crossover can be good if enough care is put into it, it proves that crossovers can be better then stuff that 's not a crossover, like all four of the Batman Movies. It’s all about caring about the properties.


hmmmm. I don’t think there needs to be a cross-over with Marvel. The SF comic is already good. Udon already has its hands full with Street fighter. Okay now stop talking about this crossover mess…