Is there a comprehensive list of PS2 and Arcade differences between the game?

I would certainly like to know!

The PS2 version is arcade perfect. In fact, the resolution is probably better on the PS2 than it is on arcade. Then you have the X-Box. Again it is arcade perfect, but for some reason it is faster than the other versions. I suspect this is so it can keep up online. Then lastly you have the dreamcast. There is input lag so certain combos are harder to do. A lot of moves have recieved extra damage scaling and the animation frames have been messed around with meaning certain things are almost, if not impossible to do.

You can’t go wrong with the PS2, you can do alright with the X-Box, but the Dreamcast…I wouldn’t even shit on the disc.


“The PS2 version is arcade perfect.”

wow. If only my boy Valgar saw this shit…

you must be kidding

PS2 version is fine, if you complain about a great port like 3s was to PS2, there is something wrong with you. It might not be “arcade perfect” 100%, but as long as it ISN’T the arcade board, then it’s not going to be. get over the 1 or 2 things that aren’t even game breaking in one of the best ports of a fighter since MvC2 for DC.

can the doubters give examples please, instead of dropping “you must be kidding”? …or has this thread been made before? i play both arcade and ps2 third strike pretty frequently, and can’t put my finger on any differences. speed? sound? damage?

the game FEELS different on console, but that may just be the control-difference and the effect of playing on the floor and whatnot.

the first thing that comes to my mind is that akuma’s overhead f.strong is unthrowable in arcade but not in ps2 this does mean alot to akuma players

the speed is also different though i’m not sure by how much

btw how can you say its arcade perfect but faster then the other versions that makes no kind of sense if its faster it can’t be perfect

I think the arcade version is a little bit more linient all round.

Playing both pretty frequently I find that : links are easier to do on PS2 (yes more linient), and damage scaling seems to be different.

I actually find karas easier to do on arcade than PS2. I was suprised when I only missed Ken’s kara srk twice out of the ten odd times I tried it.

the only real gameplay differences i ever notice between ps2 and arcade is 2 things:

  1. akuma f+strong overhead attack. in arcade, the move was entirely unthrowable as true_tech said, even during its recovery frames. its not a HUGE problem or anything, but its nice to have, especially when the opponent is gonna walk up and throw, you can just overhead to negate the throw and make it wiff…

  2. game speed. console versions of all capcom arcade ports always seem to be faster than the arcade counterparts. its weird. ps2 is slightly faster, but to be honest, i think its very minimal and doesnt really affect shit. the only problem with this is that it can make confirm leniency a little tighter/shorter cuz of increased speed.

the only other gameplay difference that i can think of, is possibly aegis unblockables. i think i remember rockerfeller mentioning that it takes an extra hit for the aegis to break guard. he’s the only one thats ever complained about this, or even mentioned it. that was when the japanese 3s came out 1 1/2 years ago. no one else heas mentioned this, i still see urien players doing their bs just fine on ps.

aesthetic changes in the game include stuff like:

  1. resolution is different. but thats typical between console and arcade counterparts because arcade uses a monitor, while we play on a tv. totally different resolutions, signals, interlacing, etc… its gonna happen with a low res game, such as all capcom fighters.

  2. fight music doesnt change to the next remix instantly at the start of the next round, it takes a little longer on console (unless thats just an arranged music flaw. dunno if its normal with original music)

  3. the red depletion bar in the life bar, is psuedo transparent, while its solid red on console

thats all i can think of. aesthetic changes dont affect gameplay in anyway. as for xbox version, the xbox version has a better image IMO when compared side by side, xb version just seems cleaner overall. i dunno about xb being even faster than ps2. i never tried side by side tho. but i do play on both ps2 and xb versions offline, and never seem to have a problem going between the 2.

is ps2 perfect? no, but its damn close and i dont think the changes really affect an outcome of a match to be honest. hell even daigo said the ps2 version seemed fine to him heh. ill take his word, over most on srk. thats for sure

thanks everyone, that seems about right.

Would the fact that Akuma’s overhead is throwable screw up his Kara-Demon?

I’m not an Akuma player, but wouldn’t this mean he could technically be thrown out of Kara demons on console but not on arcade? Or possibly just thrown out of a kara demon that was done in the other characters throw range (so he could grab the first frame of the overhead thus negating the demon)

Ok I 've just confused myself :xeyed

probably, but i’ve never seen it happen. you could be right tho. but the fact that most demons execution is started a dash away, the opponent aint gonna be thinking about throw tech to begin with, especially if they think a demon is coming, theyll think jump. i know ive never been thrown out

well the idea of kara demon is to put them in block stun if they’re in block stun they can’t throw to begin with