Is there a consistent way to land 1 frame jab links in usf4?


since there is no way to plink a jab unless i use back button (which is on the back of my stick so no thank u) do i need to just suck it up and learn the timing? or does double tapping help? i thought that was only good for 2f links. btw is there a way to route the select button to a dif button on my stick? that might help


You can reroute the select/back button it’s an extremely common tactic these days, it requires modding your stick though. On PC version you don’t even need to mod your stick.
Double tapping works for 1F links too just not nearly as consistent as plinking IMO. It’ll help you if your timing is off though.


How are people doing that these days? Are they putting Select/Back on LP and shifting everything else over one spot?


You can learn to plink with the little finger by putting select on one of the far buttons. They don’t need to be next to eachother to plink


If you don’t want to mod a hori fighting edge which allows you change buttons on the fly can work too. But to answer your question only b-linking/s-linking helps with 1 frame jab links.