Is there a difference between HORI RAP Pro.V and HORI Rap Pro.V4?

Both are advertised as 2015 product, but what’s the difference exactly?

Also, a lot of the HORI RAP Pro.V are also silent, but do they really reduce the sounds from the joystick/buttons that much? Is it worth it to get the silent ones? as opposed to getting the regular one and perhaps buying the silent buttons myself?

V4 doesnt have a touchpad. Also, all buttons are on the top of the stick while I believe in RAP V some of em are on the right side. Also, I don’t know if V has it but V4 doesnt have foam underneath.

Dude, I’ve already linked you to a list in your other thread about the facts and details of each of the HRAPs, but I’ll drop the link again: Definitive Retail Playstation 4 Arcade Sticks List with Info/Facts/Photos/Advantages/Disadvantages

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The quick answer to your question is that the HRAP V4 uses the old HRAP VX/V3 casing. The HRAP V.Hayabusa (there’s no such thing as a “HRAP V” by itself) uses the newer casing.

Among other smaller differences.

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