Is there a difference between the CPS III 3s to PS2 and Xbox

is there a differences between the PS2, Xbox (3rd strike) version to the CPS III version?

I think someone should sticky the topic since it’s beasked about so often.

These are the differences that I know about (personally tested):

PS2 is slightly faster than CPS3 (hard to notice to the eye, but can be “felt” while playing, expecially on strict hitconfirms), and Xbox is slighly faster than PS2.
Overall it means that hitconfirms are easier on arcade, and combos that require extremely precise timing require a bit of readjustment between versions.

Tengu Stone’s flying garbage follows Oro’s moves more steadlly and faster on console, making regular Tengu chip damage strings quite more safe/effective

Yang EX mantis Slash slowdown never happens on console (or at least I’ve never seen it)

Gouki’s f+MP animation is unthrowable on arcade, but it’s throwable on console.

Game-freezing glitches are gone.

There may be other differences.

Wasn’t there something about Yun’s Kobokushi (palm) not doing the damage it should on the DC version?

A lot of things are different on the DC version.

its stil not a big enough difference.

take mvc2 for the dreamcast. yes theres some differences from the arcade, yet most of the time, the differences are barely noticable nor does it affect gameplay that much.

same with cvs2. the speed is slightly faster than the ps2/dc and i have an easier time doing links in the arcade version, yet its still not a big enough difference than say console version of a3/3s compared to the arcade version.

I tried to create a sticky-worthy thread here that I would update as people raised issues but no one ever uses search.

The main difference is a 3s CPSIII is 600 dollars and lasts for 7 years lol.

But I still want one :).

What u talking about? DC 3s is way different than the arcade version, just cuz DC did alright with CvS and MvC doesnt mean it handled 3s very well.

i think u misread what i wrote.

i’m trying to say that a3/3s on the console is much different than the arcade while mvc2 and cvs2 werent so different from the arcade. (excluding xbox and ps2 version of mvc2)

On PS2 Start button = Start Button (start button makes more sense)
On Xbox Back = Start Button (in game)

On PS2, the HP costume color has been shuffled with the HK costume color.
On Xbox, the HP costume color and HK costume are correct.

They’re not shuffled on PS2, you probably just have a wacky button configuration on your joystick. If you use a joystick with L1 for Fierce and R1 for Roundhouse, you will get the opposite costumes. R1 is supposed to be Fierce, and R2 is supposed to be roundhouse.

I picked K.O’s Yun costume on PS2 the other night and it was with roundhouse like Ken’s. I always thought it was with fierce, it got me confused.

on ps2, if you change the button config from the default layout, the game doesnt factor it in when it comes to costume color selection. so, say you want the color that requires you to press strong (default is triangle). but your config is changed to where triangle is blank, nothing. if you want strong color, you still have to use that button. pretty silly, but thats how they did it

Jeez, Capcom are wierdo’s.

Irrelevant. This thread is about CPSIII to home conversions. MvC2 doesn’t run on a CPSIII. It runs on Sega’s NAOMI hardware, which is essentially the same as a Dreamcast.