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Rock the Dragon… (Dragon Ball Z thread)

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Just copped Season 2 of DBZ. I missed a lot of this show when it was on (I watched the hell out of the “Next Dimension”/“OVER 9000!!!” dub back in 95, but I really didn’t see much past the whole Ginyu/Goku switch), and actually now I’m glad I didn’t.

I LOVE the option to watch the dub with the OG Japanese BGM. (Call me weird, but trying to listen to the Japanese track throws me off a little. I usually watch anime with the dub track on, but with subtitles to see what they’re REALLY supposed to be saying. I can’t explain why, but that’s just my preference.)

Anyway, I find it astounding that the simple act of changing the original background music makes DBZ a different show. Instead of a “I’m trying really, REALLY hard to be bad-ass” feel to the show, the show actually gains a lot of heart and feeling.

Anyway, Season 2 ends where I left off: Ginyu is a frog and Kuririn & Gohan are in Saiyan armor.

I only wish that FUNimation would give us the Ocean Group Dub that the UK got. I don’t care about recycled (Super Fighitng Robot) Megaman BGMs or censorship, I just want to hear Brian Drummond as Vegeta, Scott McNeil as Piccolo & Terry Klassen as Kuririn again.

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subtitles are no more accurate than dubs, because it’s still a TRANSLATION, yo.


^Yeah, but Funimation mistranslated A LOT of stuff, and liberally added lines as well. There were a lot of serious moments that got turned into slapstick in the Funi dub.

…But I’m betting this thread will be closed in favor of the anime thread anyway.


Cell>All DBZ villains.

Super Buu and Dabura are exceptions though…


The episodes with Frieza got me into Dragon Ball after those battles and Goku turning into SS for the first time i was hooked… I like Freeza more than all villians… i like garlic Jr. also.


The Best Fights of the Entire Series were:

  1. Vegeta vs. Recoome

  2. Krillen, Pic, Gohan, Tien, and Chaotzu vs. Nappa


“Patiently… Cell Waits… Next Time On Dragonball Z!”
Eyes closed and Arms folded while standing in the middle of the ring*



see, there’s just too much stuff out I want to buy. I still don’t have the first season yet, now I have to get season 2 as well. The first one is more important to me, as I think that saiyan saga was better…that first Vegeta VA and Zarbon were the best out of the entire show.

I’m curious…did the first season include Radditz? …that wasn’t really a high point for me. Radditz = lame…especially compared to everything else that happened after him.


I agree,Raditz was lame…

Anyway,I heard Funimation really fucked up with Vegeta’s death and didn’t keep it consistent because when he got shot by Frieza he was supposed to die.I never understood that part.Did h dies when the planet exploded,or did Gohan take him back to the ship?


Vegita died shortly after Freezer shot him…He basically died in Goku’s arms.
Vegita was resurrected after Dende made the wish to bring back all the people Freezer killed to life.

Another thing…I didn’t know Ocean dubbed the whole DBZ series. I was watching the episode where Buu arrived at Kami’s place. The music sucked as usual…

I still feel that Ocean >> Funi’s dub. Scott McNeil is on fire.


cept for the fact the cell saga was lame, and seemed like they were running out of ideas.


what i hated about the dbz dub post-ocean group is the raspy voices. they kinda had this california surfer dude irritability about them. it’s been a while since i’ve seen the dbz dub so i probably don’t know what i’m talking about.


the voice acting is much better dubbed, i tried watching the jap voice acting, and every character sounded like their balls havent dropped yet. I think cell saga was the best, with frieza right behind them.


There’s plenty of clips of the Ocean dub on YouTube. I’ve heard stories about an alternate English dub that continued to use the Ocean Studios voice actors, but I’ve never found any until YouTube came along. Well, all the stories are true, but this alternate dub ended up recycling background music from that crappy old Mega Man cartoon!

Anyway, here’s some clips.



[media=youtube]IY01lcIpsRA"[/media] - FACT: #18 is voiced by that black chick from House of the Dead. Don’t believe me? Go check imdb!


[media=youtube]f5Kzl-SQyYg"[/media] - They can’t use words involving death in the show, so Vegeta can’t say “Never say die!”


I have always preffered Freezia to all theo other villians, because when he start going through multiple transformations that shit was original. Also the entire Namek Saga while long, the story did give more than one or two characters moments to shine. Even if it was only for like two seconds.


I hate it when people say this, because it just doesn’t take the whole picture into account.

The only thing I can really say is - if The Simpsons were to age 10 years, would you accept anyone other than Nancy Cartwright playing Bart Simpson? Would it be weird to keep her on as the voice she has literally defined?

That is why the Japanese voices sound strange at first.


different strokes for different folks, i mean i’m all japnese when watching anime, but lets be honest … goku voice in japnesse sucks… but i do understand what your saying alot people on here think kenshin dub was great… i’m like wtf!!! kenshin dub voice alone is one of the worse i have ever heard.

my own question is how bad is the picture and animation in these sets i heard alot of conflicting reports.

but can’t wait for onepiece sets come out. peace



Well, if Nancy Cartwright could age her voice from a 10-year-old boy to a 20-year-old man and keep it there consistently, then I’d rather her still be around, but I honestly don’t think that’s possible.

Anyway, I think that the English dub of DBZ suffers because they pulled the plug early on Dragon Ball (after only the Pilaf saga), so between DB and DBZ in the US, we never met Kuririn, Lunch (who initially got cut from the US series), Uranai Baba, Hacchan, Arale (Dr. Slump the manga is being published here now, but I don’t know if the anime will ever get picked up), Tenshinhan (who was strangely called Tien), Tao Pai Pai (Who became “General Tao” in the dub), Chaozu, Tsuru-sennin, Yajirobe, Piccolo Daimao and “Ma Jr.”

Thus, in the Saiyan saga, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, & Yajirobe are nameless jobbers and Piccolo was always a good guy, just a little grumpy. Also of note is how they changed Piccolo’s dialogue to be more sympathetic to Gohan as opposed to “I can’t wait to kill you, you know.” and “I’m only helping to save the world because I want it for myself.”

Switching gears to dub comparison:

While Justin “Yusuke Uramehsi” Cook’s Raditz was bearable, he’s nothing compared to Jason “Joe Higashi/Yusuke Godai” Gray-Stanford’s Raditz.

And in terms of Goku’s voices, my order of preference is:

Ian Corlett
Sean Schemmel
Kirby Morrow (Seems to be the next logical choice for Ian Corlett roles, since he doesn’t do dubs anymore)
Peter Kelamis (fucking terrible, though to his credit, his screams are pretty close to Masako Nozawa’s)


WTF?! Peter Kelamis was the shit in World’s Strongest! Too bad his best performance was in just that movie, though.


I’m just waiting till they release the Cell Saga on DVD. I’m gonna be all over that.