Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not


dudes you need to see this gohan vs broly fight. gohan is so chill, this fucking pre supreme kai gohan so fucking chill vs broly lmao legendary super saiyan broly vs base pre buu gohan lmfao too fucking funny


I liked Cooler better.

Especially in Japanese. I don’t care if his Japanese voice is the same as Frieza, **THAT VOICE IS A GIFT OF GOD!!! **


So much broly all of a sudden…


Super #13 slimy as fuck tho. Took Vegeta’s hairstyle and tried to destroy Goku’s nuts as well:

Not cool.


Super #13 gets GOAT Movie villain status just for that nutpunch.


The Team Four Star version of that movie is boss. I liked how they showed Gohan training with Goten in the future after that scene and he just fades out of existence. Skip to 14:39


As shit as GT is…

Gohan fans:

  1. GT is shit, Gohan is a faggot that walks around in glasses.
  2. Super is shit, Gohan is a faggot that walks around in glasses.

10 months later

  1. Aww, at least he got a happy ending.

Just as bad as the Brolytards.

Also, I highly doubt Vegeta was stronger than Goku during Android. Probably slightly behind as usual, but we’ll never know. They both got overtaken by a child.
Also, 18 should have rekt Piccolo. Akira himself said 18 > 17 because 17 doesn’t know how to bring out his full power… but it’s Akira so that would change in about half an episode.

Tien must be the only Z Fighter to get shafted and not look like a bitch… and Majin Buu conveniently sleeps through everything.

Yamcha doesn’t even fight.
Gohan doesn’t even need an explanation.
Krillin is weaker than his wife.
Yajirobe not even considered a Z Fighter.
Chiaotzu, I still haven’t found him in Pokemon Go.
Piccolo asking Frost to hold back, and got his arm ripped off in ROF.
Kid Trunks biggest feat is cheating to beat Goten.

There’s Master Roshi also but how often do you see him fight? Although the little fights he has are all badass imo.


Where was #18>#17 said? The Android chart says her power was suppressed in comparison to #17’s and the Daizenshuu also says she’s weaker.


So much hatred…


I’ll have to dig through when I can be bothered, I posted it waaaaaaaaay back.

He said he intended it to be that way in the Manga, but Akira says one thing and does another so bleh.


Getting a disagree for that. Really?


Vegeta is stronger but goku can wipe him out with kaioken. I like this balance


Thus making it beginning of DBZ, and everyone referring to Goku as the strongest.

Every flashback is Vegeta salty about the beam struggle, like he didn’t break both his legs.


Anyone play Dokkan battle?


I somewhat interpret that as Vegeta already being familiar with the new Ki while Goku was still trying to get up to speed. It would be major salt to go around if Vegeta had the same weight as Goku and still struggled with the training exercise even with a head start on him training.

But you also can’t be like OMG this is so eas for me, you suck balls Kakkarot! When Goku still is supposed to be the main guy.


To be totally fair, Vegeta implies lifting the weights weren’t simply a strength thing:

Goku said Vegeta was probably stronger than himself, so we know that they’re equal at the very least.


Japanese or Global version?


GBL. I need to be able to read lol


My GLB is a bit on standby, not much to do until the tournament on the 28th. I usually play both, but using jpn’s foresight to prep my glb account.


Vegeta has more intellect mind when it comes to fighting, however his arrogance almost always gets the better of him. If he wasn’t so arrogant he would probably more above goku (with plot armor of course).