Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not


The issue with Super is quite a bit deeper then that actually. Unlike DB or Z, it’s a completely original product, meaning they don’t have Toriyama’s storyboards as a basis to expand/adapt. Add in time constraints due to rushed production and the actual key animators don’t have enough time to compose fight scenes while doing corrections of other animators’ shots and you got a mess that until recently seemed flat out afraid of having fights.

Another problem most people don’t talk is the character designs. Look at these:

Tadayoshi Yamamuro (character designer from middle of Android arc until today), Minoru Maeda (Original character designer for the series since day 1 till he was replaced by Yamamuro) and Toriyama’s base.

Unlike Maeda, Yamamuro has tons of lines and stiff angles. The stiffer your drawing is, the less you can deform it to create actual motion. And when you strip the details down to make it doable on a normal schedule…

Shit happens.

Yamamuro’s art is harming DB, regardless of how “iconic” it is. The only time we get good motion in the series is when the animators completely ignore his style, like here:

You can say whatever you want about the art, that’s purely a time constraint, but it actually moves well and has strong sense of power behind it, even without the sound effects.


That’s crazy haha but at least I know someone that can answer questions for me! :tup:


Goku = Broken for no reason.
Gohan = Even more broken for no reason, got nerfed.
Vegeta = Tactician.
Piccolo = Strategist.

Remember when Vegeta threw dirt in Zarbon’s eyes? I miss shit like that.


Decades of training with different masters, constantly pushing himself to new levels purely for the sake of getting better is broken for no reason now?


Had no idea the issues were on that level, sparda. Thanks for breaking it down.

Lol, yep. He punched the shit outta Zarbon when he was blinded before knocking his ass in the water. It’s funny how Zarbon and Freeza’s other men were constantly calling Vegeta a dirty monkey, but started bitching up when Vegeta was shown to be stronger. Zarbon really thought Vegeta was going to give him a chance after all the shit he put him through.

He went hard on Freeza’s men:


Can’t forget this:


Namek saga Vegeta was that nigga.


Yeah, I used to say that too, except half his training besides Whis was a pile of shit. Carrying milk, chasing Bubbles, really?

I think I’m the only one who wanted to see Gohan vs Vegeta all out.


why did supreme kai say gohan was the strongest at that tournament?


cant wait to hear this one


The same guy that was flabbergasted every time the saiyans showed how strong they really were?


so why did he say that saiyan boy gohan was the strongest there


Yeah, Namek Saga Vegeta was by far my favorite character in the entire series. I was legit scared for Gohan and Krillin when he caught up to them niggas

Vegeta needs to go back to being that ruthless and cunning yet still a “good” guy. Win at all costs type of guy, we haven’t had one of those in a while in this series


Kaioshin was under the impression that Gohan was stronger because he didn’t know how strong Goku and Vegeta was.

When he later saw what Goku and Vegeta could do, he realized all of the Saiyans were ridiculous.


why didnt vegeta or goku correct him after he said that doe


I don’t think they cared. Vegeta knew Gohan wasn’t on his level, so he really had no reason to convince some unknown dude that he was wrong.

When Base Vegeta bodied Pui-Pui:


Kaioshin just saw Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, but Base Vegeta got that reaction outta him? Kaioshin is a dumbass character.


They made Kaioshin seem so mysterious and badass when he was introduced then became a total bitch not long after his introduction. Character did a total 180.


Yep. Bobbidi’s spaceship gave that nigga PTSD.


That’s why I’m glad we got Bills and Whis. Previous “gods” were such joke characters that you’d ask yourself why did they even bother introducing them as such… Kaio sama was a fat ass that taught him Kaoiken and that’s it. Constantly bitching about stuff, Goku’s chef on the underworld, etc. Kaio shins were also turned onto bitch tier in like 5 episodes. Only the elder Kai was useful giving Gohan his imba powerup, giving Goku his life and giving the Potaras that made Vegeto.

At least Kamisama was well made in DB, making the dragon balls, being wise and teaching Goku a bunch of shit


Carrying milk while wearing a 100-pound turtle shell, chasing Bubbles in 10x Earth’s gravity sounds like training to me.

All of Goku’s sensei except Whis seem to prefer the Mr. Miyagi method of “training without making it look like training”.


Kami’s actions made him the biggest piece of shit of all the gods in the series. Kaioshin was a bitch, but he made things worse because he genuinely didn’t know how strong the Saiyans were. Kami fucked things up for everyone because reasons.


dont ever disrespect King Miyagi-Kai again