Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not


I don’t think they cared. Vegeta knew Gohan wasn’t on his level, so he really had no reason to convince some unknown dude that he was wrong.

When Base Vegeta bodied Pui-Pui:


Kaioshin just saw Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, but Base Vegeta got that reaction outta him? Kaioshin is a dumbass character.


They made Kaioshin seem so mysterious and badass when he was introduced then became a total bitch not long after his introduction. Character did a total 180.


Yep. Bobbidi’s spaceship gave that nigga PTSD.


That’s why I’m glad we got Bills and Whis. Previous “gods” were such joke characters that you’d ask yourself why did they even bother introducing them as such… Kaio sama was a fat ass that taught him Kaoiken and that’s it. Constantly bitching about stuff, Goku’s chef on the underworld, etc. Kaio shins were also turned onto bitch tier in like 5 episodes. Only the elder Kai was useful giving Gohan his imba powerup, giving Goku his life and giving the Potaras that made Vegeto.

At least Kamisama was well made in DB, making the dragon balls, being wise and teaching Goku a bunch of shit


Carrying milk while wearing a 100-pound turtle shell, chasing Bubbles in 10x Earth’s gravity sounds like training to me.

All of Goku’s sensei except Whis seem to prefer the Mr. Miyagi method of “training without making it look like training”.


Kami’s actions made him the biggest piece of shit of all the gods in the series. Kaioshin was a bitch, but he made things worse because he genuinely didn’t know how strong the Saiyans were. Kami fucked things up for everyone because reasons.


dont ever disrespect King Miyagi-Kai again



Lol, my bad. I couldn’t find a larger image.


Ahhh yess…Groundhog Day again.


I was laughing and I couldn’t keep my mouse arrow still to Like that post :rofl:



Potential spoilers for Dragon Ball Super

[details=Spoiler]I guess Black goes Super Saiyan Buu[/details]


Well…that’s hilarious. I like it, ridiculous and totally not what people are expecting lol


That’s Toriyama in a nutshell.


Toriyama troll game still stronk.


I hope that comes with some type of new hax ability. They need to continue that trend from the last arc




The fanbase errupting in salt. So, so glorious. Never change Toriyama, never change.


Pink has been a thing in DB since forever. Tao Pai Pai wore pink, Dodoria was pink and lets not forget Vegeta’s badman shirt. Not really something to get salty over.


Can’t forget about the pink nigga that was nearly indestructible, too.

I’m actually interested in seeing how his aura looks. I actually like the idea of Super Saiyan Pink.