Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not


I don’t like Kale because she’s FemBroly(I like Broly because he’s pure badass in his own way), I like Kale because she reminds me so much of Kid Gohan.

And it’s obvious that Kale in her Berserker form is a MASSIVE liability(nearly tossed Caulifla out of the ring on accident, basically nearly took out Botamo and Magetta and then almost attacked Caulifla with actual intent) and the story has been implying that she will be a real threat when she learns to control it…just like Gohan.

Basically, I see them finally giving her the steps to change in the same way they are showing Caulifla isn’t all that much of a bitch and is basically a female, spunkier Goku.


Also, the only good thing that came after the 1st Broly movie was Broly’s normal SSJ state. All that other shit is ass. Like that shit with the LSSJ3 crap. That shit is up there with the fans that do crap like SSJ4 Broly.

Yeah but Broly blew up that planet the slaves were from for kicks. And he also beat down everyone else. Once a Saiyan showed up as a villain post Raditz, everyone was a planet buster. Vegeta did that shit for kicks.


Goku must be so broken now since they’vee just showed him fucking around with his blue kamehameha. all I want to see right now is what goku is hiding


The Satsui no Hado, duh



God forbid people like the way a character fights and their general aesthetic in a fucking martial arts show.


we really do though lol.


As is their right.

As is my right to bash Broly for just how poorly written a character he is.


I think he was referring to you mocking why people actually like Broly, not your reason for not liking him


Wait a minute, how come no one said anything about that Yardratian that jobbed to Caulifla?


Because, monkeys are the spotlight. Those filthy, disgusting brainless monkeys.


Well who else is going to save the universe? Humans, one of them got knocked out, only 2 left. I wonder how long tien and roshi are going to last.


Lol that Yardrat… Toriyama threw dude in as a little Easter Egg, saw people getting hype, then jobbed his ass like Vince McMahon does to an internet sensation indie darling.



Frieza of course.


The real story is how much Universe 3 got rocked. Not only did their ‘ultimate weapon’ get bodied something fierce by Hit, but Cabba took out the only OTHER dude from Universe 3 to get any spotlight. And really unceremoniously too.

Actually, upon further inspection, it’s Universe 10 that’s really in the shitter right now, as Pig E Honda, that one dude Baseform Kale was fighting, and the other dude Cabba KO’d all got tossed from the ring. They’re down half their fighters since they brought the pixie and the bird


I have a feeling Gohan is going to unlock some new saiyan mode and save the universe. Frieza could save the universe maybe, if he can somehow beat jiren or hit.


I’m actually kinda sad how many universes seem really meh this arc

U6 and U11 seem to be the only ones who are at least somewhat dangerous to U7, everybody else is getting bodied. Even U9 didn’t last that long


he must of got hit hard to not use IT to stop himself from falling. like what goku can do


Pig E. Honda got German suplexed into oblivion.

Po approves.


The Yardrat teleported before the ring out.


Can’t Buu just teleport himself to the Tournament of Power because he feels left out then acts like a child, throwing a temper tantrum, and go insane on the tournament ring? He would even blo up the bleachers where all of the spectators are Majin Vegeta style. Now that would be epic…