Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not


But a minor minion with a gun was able to kill Goku in his Selsun Blue Shampoo mode


Billions of people on Earth


Spirit Bomb. 20% of the time, it works every time.

It’s a random OHKO chance. If it fails, it deals no damage and Krillin gets bodied.


Goku flips the gun around and uses the hilt to pistol whip people

Power increase of 10%


No. When you make goku look like he is trying hard, fans will take it as he is trying hard.

We know what a dbz character looks like suppressed. Minimum effort required usually casuallly. That has been toei animation established for YEARS. They were just super bad at showing it… at all really. I can’t really be mad at dbz fans. They can barley gauge how strong anyone is relative to eachother anymore. It seems like they are going for animation that looks hype rather than animation that makes sense.


I blame Toriyama, he just makes up whatever he wants at the time, sometimes I really think he just gets drunk when he writes stuff. Like Gohan sparing with blue goku, sure he lost, but then he loses to krillin. Before that krillin asked goku to punch him, and sent him flying.


Toriyama admits to making up shit and has no plans for any of his stories.


Goddamn I wish you people would read and/or actually pay attention during the episodes.

95% of the shit y’all complain about is usually explained/made clear in the context of the show.


I don’t care about that. He always weaves it brilliantly in the story. But toei doesn’t have toriyamas panels to work with anymore, so they give the animators guidelines and they fail.

Animation is not just the amount of frames, its all the subtle things the directors put in to make people think. DBZ had this all over. Db was a simple story but every thing from the emotions shown to their choice of what to show in a panel made the show very good. EVen when toriyama stopped giving a fuck he still had all of those subtle things. I don’t know if they are working with a bunch of kids or some shit but its been lost. Back in the day she would have tossed goku and he would have been crossing his arms while flying or something. Or they wouldn’t have made him look like he was throwing a kamehameha at fucking cell rather than this girl he could honestly one shot.

Its bad animation plain and simple. If this was Naruto or a show everyone hated everyone would agree.


I dont think they care, they know people will keep watching it as long as more super saiyan transformations


Does a scouter even factor the shotgun into the calculation? :slight_smile:
I’d say no.
5 seems like a reasonable power level for a farmer, who physically works his ass off day in and day out.


At 5, doesn’t that make him quite a bit above the universe average? Good on ya farmer.


Episode 102 is Vegeta vs Ribrianne. Get ready for it boys, the salt will be glorious.


Well in the intro, he was only fighting her in ssj 1. Not expecting her to win, unless she can keep up with ssj blue.


People got mad about Kale.

Ribrianne isn’t even a saiyan.

I should stock on popcorn for this one.


If you take the Daizenshuu power levels seriously, he’s half as strong as Goku (10) at the beginning of DB.


At this point Veg and Goku will be out of stamina so fast they’d have to rely on Goku to asspul a new transformation

Oh wait that’s just business as usual


where my spoilers at


What spoilers? The stuff has been in the intro for a while now


who eliminates vegita?