Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not


Why not have both? The power of making love on a sweet ass boat! and 17 can do it. He’s already got his ho, now he just needs that boat.


Teas out for Gowasu:

He is now with his tea boy, together in nothingness.









Thanks for the memes Gowasu


I hope Cus maintains the channel.


Speaking of Cus



Sad Cus is sad.


RIP to Gowasu. You were a wise old dude. No one drank a cup of tea like you.

RIP to Rumsshi. Even though you didn’t prioritize using your brain all that much and enjoyed slapping others with your trunk, you were still ‘‘Babar’’ the God of Destruction to me.

Rumsshi’s final message to Grand Priest and the Zeno’s


Gohan a hoe ass nigga. That man had a family


So does he. Natural selection :coffee:


So it seems that i am the only one that think that the episode was mediocre at best :rofl:


Damn right you are.

People complained about last week’s Ep having wasted half of its time on a joke.
Now this one was action packed, had some cool stuff like Piccolo KOing a fool with Hellzone Grenade, had U10 getting Kirbied and people still complain?

What do you want bro? Legit question, which episode was cool for you?


I’ll be honest, so far DBS has been quite meh for me, it has some cool moments here and there, but over all the show has been quite garbage imo.
At this point i only watch it because my nephew likes to watch it with me and my brother, and even he thought this episode was meh.

So far, DBS has been a show where i expect nothing and i still feel robbed in some way at the end :rofl:


Any episode with Gohan as the lead is a huge fail by default, fight me.


Pretty sure people were serious in their dislike towards the episode, because it was trash


He sure does. He has a mother, a wife, a daughter, a father, a father in law, and a much better father.

And no one else.


damn, gohan the savage, love how things are getting more serious and we are seeing less clowns/gimmick/jobbers now

17 been getting that shine


Didn’t say it wasn’t. 10 minutes in a 20 minute episode to make a joke? Get outta here.

I said that this one was an improvement, at the very least on the action side of the tournament, but it was pretty good overall.

godTube losing 2 of its best Tea Channels was a loss we can all mourn though.


At this point, you either like Super or you don’t… and if you don’t, why are you still watching?

I’m disappointed Discount Dhalsim got off-screened by the Yardrat… Man Universe 10 was almost entirely composed of jobbers…