Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not


So it seems that i am the only one that think that the episode was mediocre at best :rofl:


Damn right you are.

People complained about last week’s Ep having wasted half of its time on a joke.
Now this one was action packed, had some cool stuff like Piccolo KOing a fool with Hellzone Grenade, had U10 getting Kirbied and people still complain?

What do you want bro? Legit question, which episode was cool for you?


I’ll be honest, so far DBS has been quite meh for me, it has some cool moments here and there, but over all the show has been quite garbage imo.
At this point i only watch it because my nephew likes to watch it with me and my brother, and even he thought this episode was meh.

So far, DBS has been a show where i expect nothing and i still feel robbed in some way at the end :rofl:


Any episode with Gohan as the lead is a huge fail by default, fight me.


Pretty sure people were serious in their dislike towards the episode, because it was trash


He sure does. He has a mother, a wife, a daughter, a father, a father in law, and a much better father.

And no one else.


damn, gohan the savage, love how things are getting more serious and we are seeing less clowns/gimmick/jobbers now

17 been getting that shine


Didn’t say it wasn’t. 10 minutes in a 20 minute episode to make a joke? Get outta here.

I said that this one was an improvement, at the very least on the action side of the tournament, but it was pretty good overall.

godTube losing 2 of its best Tea Channels was a loss we can all mourn though.


At this point, you either like Super or you don’t… and if you don’t, why are you still watching?

I’m disappointed Discount Dhalsim got off-screened by the Yardrat… Man Universe 10 was almost entirely composed of jobbers…



That should of been tiens fight. Let the nigga without family fight him. Could of used his 3rd eye to see through that dudes technique

I should write for dbs


Dragon Ball Super is the SFV of anime. A lot of people hate it, but still follow it intently. I don’t get it. If I don’t like something drop it.


But Super is actually good…


SFV’s relationship with the community/DBS’s relationship with the haters mirrors my stance on SFV Akuma:

I hate all of the new changes they made to Akuma, but it’s still Akuma, so its quality can’t dip below serviceable.


Again, Super is actually good. Stop comparing it to Capcpom trash.


Not really the point of my post. Everyone “hates DBS”, Everyone “hates SFV”. Yet the viewership/tourny participation shows that isn’t the case and people just like to bitch. Not saying people don’t legitimately hate DBS or SFV. It’s just tat the people that do, don’t spend huge portions of their free telling everyone how much they hate it. They’ve moved other things.


Actual quality is irrelevant in this discussion. It’s how the community acts that is being discussed


Because I need people to know to stop supporting Toei/Toriyama’s bad writing


It’s something I’ve been noticing recently, people are getting mad because it’s not telling the story they wanna hear.

I mean… what? What’s the point of even watching it to begin with? Might as well read a plot synopsis.

The reactions to this last episode are especially telling: People want Gohan to be a fucking child forever with that shitty ass milked drama that DB is particularly bad at doing and are now ranting that Gohan was properly written like an adult and respected as a warrior… What the fuck?


bullshit. SFV doesn’t have 80+ playable characters, it’s not even a compatible comparison.

hate towards Super is unjustified. hate towards SFV is ENTIRELY justified and is actually not followed by the majority of the FGC, just the loud minority overall.
a lot of SF veterans still reject SFV to this day.

whereas Super is becoming more and more the greatest era of the entire anime’s history overall.


Get out of here with your sf5 talk please. Seriously.

Godtube got a whole lot worse.


You really shouldn’t respond to post that you either didn’t read fully or generally failed to comprehend. If missing the point were a sport you’d be a Hall of Famer.