Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not


So is this hour long episode starting early and ending at the same time or starting at the same time and ending early? I’m figuring the latter.


Regardless I’ll just wait for Sunday so I can watch in HD with subs at watchdbzsuper dot com



That is absolutely fantastic.


ArcSys: Lets show off the new characters!

SSGSS Goku: Looks cool

SSGSS Vegeta: Looks Cool

Yamcha: Looks Cool

Tien: So this character isn’t finished and has no idle animation right now…

Man, Tien can’t even catch a break with ArcSys.


Thor and Loki admitting that Infinite DLC is trash and asking the one, true question…



Way to spoil a cool moment by bringing up politics.

Can’t let something this awesome just be awesome, always have to throw your personal crusade into it.


Never really watched this fight when I was younger, but damn if it wasn’t really good.
Even the build-up: Goku threatening the Supreme Kai, Vegeta wasting the crowd.



Now before everyone shits their pants talking about how Jiren can throw hands with Beerus, remember that there are levels to this shit…

Just because you can reach “God level” doesn’t make you on par with all the gods… Even they seem to have tiers within their rankings. Jiren also doesn’t have access to Hakai or instant movement between planes of existence.

The dude just punches really fucking hard at this point… and I’m starting to believe there’s some kind of gimmick allowing him to do so, and figuring that out is how he’ll be beaten.


Freeza and Buu have never met each other and do not know each other. Would be cool if Freeza and Buu meet after the Tournament of Power…


That robot universe has a robot sitting back analyzing all the fighters creating Cell 2


so jiren gets eliminated soon somehow or he beats the shit out of Goku and hit and goes back to chilling? Gonna assume the former.


woooo those spoilers up there got me STRESSED the fuck out


Almost ruined by Faulconer’s dubstep.


When’s the episode again?
Kinda lost track with all these breaks and I’m afraid to google it and get hit with spoilers.




Dang, still gotta watch Frost get bopped. On the other hand… Yes! Finally!


the latter…

you know he’s gonna be final 4 or something…


Just to whoop their ass again?