Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not


Good video on the animators of super and z

EDIT: Animation break down of the last episode


Should be a picture of “End of Z” in the place of GT…


The GT hate is strong. Oh well, not my problem.


I actually like GT :rofl:
I just found the joke funny.


You and many others.

Though to be fair, that’s a pretty great moment to make memes out of


plot twist this jiren alien mother fucker is actually the majin buu that was resurrected now in this retconned clusterfuck of a story. Since uub officially no longer exists he was rewritten as jiren. His meteo strike will be anal probe of doom once he unleashes his final form. Why he exists in another universe is because of more time rings and now universe rings. Gokus ultra instinct allows him tighten up so no probe goes in. He shows his majin buu form by getting all KY jelly mode and people realize to their horror… yes maybe super is just as bad as GT





Remember in Super when Freeza said that his dad told him to leave alone Beerus and Buu? So, I guess Beerus has seen Buu before in pictures at least. How will Freeza react when meeting Buu in person? Will he be surprised seeing Fat Buu/Mr. Buu or will he make a snarky remark…


He won’t care. Boo is nothing to Freeza.


Snarky remark. Definitely.


Freeza doesn’t know a thing about Buu. Even from his dad’s warnings If Babidi’s reaction is anything to go by when Buu is released, NOBODY knows what Buu actually is until they’ve met him.

If anything Freeza will react once upon hearing the name and seeing the face, then immediately write him off after sensing the power. Doubly so if Buu says something


Fixed for you


Migatte no Gokui…

Lol at all the hackneyed reasons the other universes have for not instantly using Potara.


I’m don’t know whether to be angry or laugh at Vegeta off-screening Toppo.


Caallllllllleeedd it.

Fusion is cool. It’s allowed.


Wasn’t the tournament of power only 40 minutes?

How the fuck is there only 19 minutes left?

What kind of Namek Saga 5 minute fuckery is this? LMAO


Did you just start watching Super? This 40 minutes has lasted for over three months now.

It’s like the Super writers saw all the trolling about the 5 minutes on Namek and said, ***“Hold my beer”***.


So it seems that, based off of U3’s Supreme Kai reaction to patora fusion being allowed, we can probably expect the robots to fuse.

Also, hopefully the fact that it was explicitly stated mutliple times that Goku didn’t have full stamina, and still gave Kafla a run for her money will let people’s salt die down, if only just a little.


yeah there was some maximum cheesing going on over these last two episodes
i guess the idea is goku is running off the “sayians get stronger every time they come back from the brink” trope but… man if this aint some shit. Oh well if it means we can wrap this shit up and get to señor Gohan Blanco already them i’m alllll for it. Or universe 7 can lose. I’d be cool with that too. Universe 6 can be the main story now and just replace universe 7.


…the implication of that scene is that none of them have ears